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Expert review of the Philips The One PUS7304

According to Philips, the PUS7304 is the TV for you when you don't want to compare specifications endlessly. This TV is equipped with a large number of modern technologies. Think of Ambilight lighting, HDR support, and the P5 processor that makes images extra detailed. This is why Philips calls the TV "The One to Watch". You can read in this review whether the TV lives up to this title for me.

Philips The One PUS7304

4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Android | 50Hz
no longer available
  • The P5 processor delivers sharp and colorful images.
  • Thanks to the HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support, you can view HDR images from any source.
  • Three-sided Ambilight provides special lighting in your room.
  • With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can control the TV and other smart devices via voice commands.
  • The 50 Hertz TV displays images less smoothly than 100 Hertz TVs.

Detailed images from any source

PUS7304 image quality

The P5 image processor improves image quality from any source, from YouTube to videos on your phone. As a result, images become extra sharp and full of color and contrast. When I want to display regular-quality images and experiment with image enhancement techniques, I see a clear effect. Videos are displayed clearly and noiselessly, while colors look realistic and blend into each other seamlessly. The Natural Motion technique provides a clear improvement in fluidity, although I do see slight glitches in the fastest images such as a running leopard.

HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support

HDR10+ and Dolby Vision

The TV produces a realistic color range for its price range, especially when I'm watching HDR images. Thanks to the support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, the TV is suitable for the most popular HDR sources, such as Blu-rays and Netflix videos. The TV analyzes each individual scene of these HDR videos and continuously switches to the ideal brightness and color settings. The result is impressive: a blue sky is clear and colorful. The next image of a darkened space is not too bright, but beautifully dark and rich in black detail.

No disturbing reflections, standard viewing angle

Reflections and viewing angle

The screen is sensitive to reflections, especially in illuminated rooms, but these reflections aren't really annoying. If you want to fully enjoy a movie, I do recommend you close the curtains. The viewing angle of this TV is standard. When I sit diagonally in front of the TV, the contrast deteriorates and the colors are distorted. Fortunately, you can easily adjust the TV to your viewing position, so you can create the ideal viewing angle from any position.

Light metal design with Ambilight

Both the edge and the T-shaped stand have a sleek, light-metal finish. You don't often see a rotating stand with TVs. By gently pushing the back of the screen, I can smoothly turn the TV left or right. Ambilight lighting runs along the edge of the TV. These lights illuminate the wall behind the screen in the colors of the image. Do you want to let us know which country you're supporting during a football match? If so, you can choose the colors of a flag yourself.

Great sound with Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos

The double speakers deliver clear sound when you're watching TV programs or nature documentaries. Voices and effects are clear and comprehensible, but I think they can be emphasized even more. If you want to be completely absorbed in a movie, the bass lacks some depth. The Dolby Atmos support makes the sound a bit more spacious. For a true surround sound experience, I recommend you connect at least one Atmos soundbar.

User-friendly remote

Remote control

The remote feels light. Thanks to the logical layout of the buttons, I can quickly find every option. With the Quick menu button, I can go directly to the most important settings. This is useful when I want to quickly adjust the image or sound. The Ambilight button is at the top and center of a glossy accent line. Below you can find a button with the Google Assistant logo. This gives you access to the built-in speech assistant.

Clear smart platform with speech assistant

Smart platform

The Android 9 smart platform offers a clear menu in which all settings, apps, and games are clearly arranged. You get more out of all the options when you have a Google account and Google Cast. You can download new apps via the Google Play store. The TV also has a built-in Chromecast. This allows you to stream videos from your smartphone to the screen. Thanks to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, you can control the TV and other smart devices in your house via voice commands.


4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Android | 50Hz
no longer available

Are you looking for a modern TV that has every available feature? If so, the Philips PUS7304 is "The One" for you. Thanks to Android 9, you get access to a myriad full of apps, games, and online functions such as Google Assistant or Google Cast. The Ambilight lighting and the rotatable stand make the TV extra unique. As a movie lover, I am enthusiastic about the versatile HDR support. Although the image quality could be smoother during fast actions, it's detailed and colorful thanks to the P5 processor.

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