In short

55 inches | 3840x2160 resolution | Touchscreen flipboard
no longer available
  • A digital whiteboard, so you never have to erase or replace paper.
  • The Samsung Flip can be moved using the included standard.
  • Wirelessly present from your laptop or smartphone.
  • Draw over photos.
  • The wooden pegs do not feel very solid.
  • You do not store slides in the cloud.

The installation

Samsung Flip First Use

Before the Samsung Flip works, some manual work is needed first. Together with 2 colleagues I am going to work to put the standard together. That turns out to be quite easy. If you follow the manual you place the wheels in the right way on the frame (fastening with 2 x 4 screws) and you also quickly mount the stand for a laptop or PC. The only challenge is the screen itself. It is very heavy. You use a screwdriver to mount it to the stand. Within half an hour we had the Samsung Flip together. The large format display then works without installation.

Who is Samsung Flip for?

Target group Samsung Flip

You use the Samsung Flip especially in the office. For example in a meeting room. You can place the screen next to the current installation or just hang the Flip. Besides a digital flipchart this is also a 55 inch 4K screen. Enough for your presentations. This makes the Flip suitable for all companies. Big or small. For example, if you have 2 meeting rooms, you can place the unit where you need it.

Practice: use as a whiteboard or flip chart

Samsung Flip As Whiteboard

Once the Samsung Flip has started up, you will see a large white screen with a few options. You can get started immediately with the help of the wooden pins. You simply write all your ideas and mark the best suggestions with the blunt back of the pen. It strikes me immediately how fast the screen reacts. The line does not long after your input, but is practically directly on the screen. Clearing your hand over the screen is also automatic.

During brainstorming, I immediately notice how easily you turn the screen. This feels smooth and solid. It is convenient to switch quickly, depending on what you want to write. You also have the choice of different colors, but from a few limited palettes. Useful for clarity. Is the brainstorm session ready? Then you simply save the slides of the Flip. You do that on a USB stick or on the network storage of your company. You can also mail the file to yourself. So you do not have to take pictures of the screen afterwards, as you do now.

Practice: use during presentations

Samsung Flip Presentation

The Samsung Flip is not only a digital flipchart or a digital whiteboard, but also a screen. That means that you also use the Flip for presentations. You can easily connect an Android smartphone or laptop with the help of Miracast. You send the images wirelessly to the Samsung Flip that way, you even control your phone via the touch screen, making me feel like Herman de Schermman when I slide through several slides.

Of course, Flip also has an HDMI connection, so your computers can also be wired. With the aid of a USB cable, you can also control these PCs via the touchscreen. That way you go through a presentation with a lot of speed. A nice option is to take screenshots of your phone or PC. These screenshots are then placed on the flipchart and you can easily create notes or drawings. For example, you can set up the office again with the help of real photos or floor plans.


55 inches | 3840x2160 resolution | Touchscreen flipboard
no longer available

At first I thought that the Samsung Flip would be a nice gadget. A combination of whiteboard or flip chart with a large format display does not sound immediately useful. But that changed immediately when I first used the screen. It is certainly fun, but the level of a gadget completely exceeds this large format display. It is useful for a brainstorming session, you simply keep notes and share it quickly with everyone. After all, working out a brainstorm does not have to be done anymore. You just send the files to all your colleagues. In addition, the Flip and presentation screen that you use via the touchscreen. Very handy. I therefore expect that this product will soon end up in many meeting rooms.

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Uhro Display Expert.

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