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Expert review Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

In 2017, Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). Did they succeed in raising the A5 to a higher level? I took a closer look at the smartphone and will share my experiences in this article. The device is no longer for sale. Still curious? The Samsung Galaxy A40 is a newer device with similar specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A40

64GB storage capacity | 5.9-inch Full HD screen | Android 9.0 Pie
temporarily sold out
  • With the 16 and 5-megapixel dual camera, you can sharply capture every moment.
  • Thanks to the quick-charge function, the battery recharges quickly.
  • Thanks to the dual SIM, you can be reached at 2 phone numbers.
  • Due to the smaller battery, the A40 lasts less than the Samsung Galaxy A50.

Specifications explained

The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. For example, the casing has been made dustproof and waterproof. Useful when calling during a heavy shower. The selfie camera has received a considerable upgrade compared to its predecessor. The number of megapixels has jumped from 5 to a whopping 16. The new design also takes after its brothers, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, a little. Below, I'll illustrate these points.


Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) waterproof

For the first time, Samsung has provided its A series with a waterproof exterior, since the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) is IP68 certified. That means water and dust won't stand a chance. You're probably thinking: what about the SIM card and microSD slot? Samsung has covered these ports with a rubber strip. I tested the phone's waterproofness by plunging it into a bowl of water for 15 minutes. It was able to resist this easily. Remarkably, I could even still operate the device while it was in the water.


A5 casing

It was clear as day to me when I put the new Galaxy A5 side to side with its predecessor: the Galaxy A5 has undergone a metamorphosis. The metal edge now has the same color as the device; it used to be silver. An elegant look, if you ask me. As far as the use of materials goes, the casing has remained the same. Both the screen and the glass on the bag feature rounded edges. The Galaxy A5 fit the palm of my hand perfectly.

Selfie camera

Samsung A5 selfie camera

The rear camera and the selfie camera on the Galaxy A5 share the same number of megapixels, a relatively rare phenomenon on smartphones. Which is a positive! You see, I'm not a person who takes selfies every day, but I can definitely appreciate this improvement compared to its predecessor. The selfies I made while testing this device were razor-sharp, as expected. Samsung has also provided the selfie camera mode with a nice extra: the shutter button can be moved.

Photo examples

To give you an idea of the camera of the Samsung A5, I've taken a number of photos in different situations. You can see how the camera performs in the dark and in the open air.


I can confirm: the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) is a neat piece of technology at a reasonable price. It shares its looks with its brothers in the S series, and it even copies some of their functions, such as the always-on screen. My personal highlight is the selfie camera. Taking a photo at the same resolution as with the rear camera is quite a feat. That also goes, of course, for shooting videos. Are you looking for a smartphone that delivers solid performance and has an elegant appearance? In that case, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is truly recommended.

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