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Expert review: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is one of the most powerful tablets of the moment. I was lucky that I was allowed to test one out. Watch many videos, listen to music, and discover what the tablet can do; they were tough weeks. In this article I have listed all my findings.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Wifi

10.5-inch screen | 64GB storage capacity | Internet via WiFi
no longer available
  • Watch your favorite series and film types in FullHD
  • Enjoy a rich sound through the 4 AKG speakers
  • Operation is smooth thanks to the S Pen
  • Use your tablet as a laptop via Samsung DeX

Screen and speakers

S4 screen

Soon, I used the Tab S4 for everything that has to do with multimedia. I no longer watched YouTube videos on my phone, but on the large, clear screen of the Tab. The S4 is also ideal for streaming football matches and films. The sound has of course less bass than that of a soundbar or large speaker, but is a lot better than that of other tablets (and phones). While cooking I put the tablet in a standard, recipe on the screen and Spotify through the speakers; ideal!

Operation: the S Pen

Tab S4 S Pen

The operation with the S Pen is also very smooth. When booking my vacation I put the tablet in split screen, with a number of hotels on one side and on the other a notebook where I could scribble some notes and pluses/minuses with the S Pen. I translated sentences in a foreign language easily by selecting them with the stylus. Also handy: via Air Command (a customizable menu that you open via the S Pen), you can quickly open frequently used apps.

Samsung DeX: the tablet as a laptop

Samsung DeX

With the keyboard cover I also used the S4 as a laptop. The advantage is that the tablet is nice and light and you can watch movies faster on the way. The use of the keyboard cover is getting used to because of the viewing angle, but I could work smoothly on the S4. Especially in Samsung DeX, the mode that gives your tablet a desktop-like interface. The problem here is in the software; not all apps work optimally with DeX (for example, you cannot adjust the size of the windows) and specialist programs do not always run on Android.

Accessories: Pogo stand and keyboard cover

Tab S4 Pogo position

The S4 does not come alone, but with a number of accessories. The Pogo booth quickly got a central place in the house and I noticed that I was constantly looking for new series of images for the slide show. I always knew where the S4 was and that the tablet was fully charged. Typing on the keyboard cover is nice and fast and I often used the cover purely as a standard to set the tablet upright. Downside is that the holder for the S Pen with me sometimes tended to fall off.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 keyboard cover

Suitable for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 | Keyboard cover | Plastic
no longer available
  • Use your tablet as a laptop and quickly type emails or reports
  • The cover protects your tablet against scratches
  • Put your S Pen in the handy holder


It should be clear; With pain in my heart I had to say goodbye to the Tab S4. In terms of multimedia experience, few tablets can match the S4 and the operation with the S Pen works very smoothly. For business use too, you can easily get started with the keyboard cover; keep in mind that not all programs (yet) work optimally on DeX.

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