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Expert review of the Samsung QE65Q9F

The QEQ9F is the top model of the Samsung QLED series this year. The biggest difference with other QLED televisions is that it has a full array background lighting. This produces a deep black display on the screen. Do you want to know more about the image quality, design and smart functions? Then read my review about the 65 inch version.

New: the Samsung Q90R

Samsung Q90R

The Q90R is the new top model among Samsung 4K QLED TVs. The biggest difference with the Q9F is that this TV has special filters that widen the viewing angle and reduce annoying reflections. This also allows you to enjoy high image quality when sitting diagonally in front of the TV or watching in illuminated rooms.

In short

4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Tizen | 100Hz, Quantum Dot, HDR
no longer available
  • Thanks to the Quantum dot technology, the TV delivers high brightness and a wide color range.
  • The full array background lighting delivers deep blacks.
  • I have little trouble with annoying reflections.
  • Thanks to the One Connect Box, I connect the TV via 1 cable to all devices and the socket.
  • If I sit diagonally on the TV, the image becomes darker or the colors distort.
  • Due to the local dimming, the screen flickers during dark scenes with bright subtitles.

First impression

First impression

The first thing that stands out is the broad base. After mounting, it is attached to the rear of the TV with a thin tube. This makes it seem as if the TV is floating above the feet, which looks special. The included One Connect Box is a large but handy accessory. This is where the connections for the power supply and all external devices are located. For example, I only need to plug 1 transparent cable into the TV. Tidy is neat.

High brightness and true-to-life colors

Brightness and colors

While watching HDR images, I like to believe that QLED TVs produce a color range of 100%. A wide color palette is shown in which the most subtle shades are clearly visible. In addition to the color range, the brightness of QLED TVs in particular is a plus compared to OLED TVs. This achieves impressive peaks, but does not affect the contrast at any time. Even when white cloud fields appear bright, I can distinguish the subtle shades of gray in a cloud.

Powerful but slightly too busy local dimming

Black display

Because the full array of backlighting makes the screen dark in specific places, a true-to-life black display is created. During a scene of a starry sky, the sky is pitch black. The stars shine brightly, but around them I hardly see a glow, or blooming. This technique still needs to be perfected, because it drops during dark scenes with bright subtitles. The local dimming is then adjusted in a busy manner, creating a flicker effect.

Little reflection, viewing angle could be better

Viewing angle

The anti-reflection screen does an excellent job. With the average TV I see many annoying reflections when the image is largely black. This is hardly the case with this television. The image quality does decrease when I watch TV from the side. For example, dark images are extra dark. A slight color distortion occurs while viewing clear images.

Flat design with an industrial base


Due to the full array background lighting, the TV is about one and a half centimeters thicker than the Q9F version last year. Nevertheless, the screen is only 3.9 centimeters thick and flat at the rear. This is ideal if you want to hang the TV tightly against the wall. As a fan of an industrial design, I think the foot is a nice addition. The only drawback is that this foot sticks out. This means that you cannot place a soundbar under or right in front of the TV.

Great sound


Sound effects sound clear and voices are clearly audible in the mix. This makes the built-in speakers suitable for TV programs, sports competitions or nature documentaries. What is missing is a powerful bass response. This becomes especially clear when I turn up the volume. In this way the bass tones remain in the background during an action scene. If you get the TV for a cinema experience, a soundbar or home cinema set is not a luxury.

Well-arranged smart menu

Smart menu

The Smart Hub has hardly changed compared to last year. I don't mind this, because the platform already met my wishes. With 1 press on the Home button I open the menu, after which I quickly switch between the settings and connected sources. Within a few seconds I switch from a Netflix series to the images of a usb stick. Also handy: for quick access to your favorites, you can adjust the order of the apps yourself.


4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Tizen | 100Hz, Quantum Dot, HDR
no longer available

If you find the brightness and color range of a TV the most important, then look no further. This QLED TV scores high on both specifications. Impressive is that the color details are not lost even in bright images. The full array background lighting provides the best black resistance values within the QLED line although this TV suffers from a flicker effect in bright subtitles during dark scenes.

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