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Expert review of the Samsung Space LS32R750UEUXEN

A monitor that increases the space on your desk by 40%, that's what Samsung promises with the Space monitor. I have extensively tested the 31.5-inch model with the 4K screen. To reveal a tiny bit of my findings: the extra space is really nice. You can read all my findings in this review.

In short

32 inches | 3840x2160 resolution | HDMI, Mini Displayport
no longer available
  • The smart design provides about 40% more space on your desk because the monitor is mounted on the edge of your desk.
  • You can easily adjust the monitor to your posture thanks to the movable arm and the tilt hinge.
  • The 4K resolution provides relatively more screen space and sharper images.
  • The monitor has a relatively low brightness and less vivid colors.
  • A USB-C connector to connect your laptop or peripherals is missing.

From the box

Mount Samsung Space

When opening the box, you immediately notice the flat design of the Samsung Space. Despite its size of 31.5 inches, it looks fairly compact. The only thing you have to do is look for a screwdriver and you can immediately get started attaching the monitor to the arm. While screwdriving, I do notice that the plastic back of the monitor doesn't feel very strong. Samsung also warns in the manual that you shouldn't push it too hard.


Samsung Space space-efficient desk

After attaching the clamp to my desk, I immediately see what Samsung means by 'Space'. It looks stylish: an almost bezel-less monitor that's flat against the wall and tons of space left on your desk. Pull the included cable (HDMI and power in one) through the slot of the arm so you won't have any cables lying around on your desk. The lack of a monitor base provides space and tranquility.

Working on the Space

Work with Samsung Space

Because it's placed against the wall, the Samsung Space is a bit further away than your average monitor. Still, I want to get closer to the monitor every now and then, for example while reading an article. That is fairly easily done: you simply pull the monitor towards you and choose your ideal viewing angle by tilting the screen. The hinge works well. When doing this, I also notice how thin the monitor is. Unfortunately, the monitor isn't pivotable, so I think it's not suitable for a set-up with 2 monitors.

Image quality could be better

Image quality Samsung Space 4K

The 4K resolution of this monitor provides more screen space, which is useful in Excel sheets and editing software. When you're using Photoshop, for example, it's nice that you can bring the monitor closer and still have a sharp image thanks to the high resolution. The VA panel provides good contrasts. But I'm a little less satisfied with the color representation. The screen has a relatively low brightness of 250 candela per m2 (nits), so the colors appear to be a bit pale.

Not suitable for games, but perfect for movies

Samsung Space suitable for movies

The tested variant of the Samsung Space monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz. That's usually enough to display movies smoothly, but isn't optimal for playing games on your PC or laptop (the 27-inch version of the Space has a refresh rate of 144Hz and is more suitable for gaming). When playing a 4K movie, the image occasionally lags. An important side note: this may have to do with your laptop or PC. If you want to fully enjoy 4K, make sure that your laptop or PC supports this output with 60Hz.

HDMI and power cable in one

HDMI power cable in one

The Space monitor has a limited number of connectors, namely an HDMI, a mini-DisplayPort. and a USB-A connector. With its 2.0 version, the HDMI port is suitable for transmitting 4K at 60Hz, provided that your laptop or PC supports this output. A funny detail is that the included cable is an HDMI and power cable in one. There is also a mini DisplayPort and USB 3.0 connector available. What I still miss is a USB-C connector with which you can connect a newer MacBook or laptop. Now, you have to use an adapter or converter for this purpose.


32 inches | 3840x2160 resolution | HDMI, Mini Displayport
no longer available

If you need more space on your desk, the Samsung Space LS32R750UEUXEN is the monitor for you. You can easily hide its cables and it also looks stylish on your desk. Image editing and watching movies is easy to do thanks to the 4K resolution and the adjustability of the monitor. Despite its high resolution, the brightness is low, the colors don't come across as vividly, and the image quality could also be improved.

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