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Expert review of the Sonos Move

With the Sonos Move, Sonos enters uncharted territories for them, portable speakers. This is the first time a Sonos speaker has a battery and Bluetooth to take it with you anywhere. Is this a debut to soon be forgotten? Or did Sonos hit the mark? Read all about it in our review.

Sonos Move

Bluetooth | Medium-sized (15 - 25cm) | Splash proof
temporarily sold out
  • Thanks to Bluetooth and the internal battery, you can also use this Sonos speaker outdoors.
  • When you're at home, connect the Move to your Sonos sound system and stream music via WiFi.
  • With the built-in Google Assistant, you can control the speaker via voice commands.
  • Google Assistant only works when you're connected to WiFi.

Setup takes some getting used to

Connect Sonos Move

If you're unfamiliar with Sonos speakers, the setup takes some getting used to. You need to download the Sonos app to use the speaker. The app then guides you step by step, which makes it much easier. Because you need to connect the speaker via WiFi and the app first, you can't play audio via Bluetooth right away. This seems weird, since it's a WiFi and Bluetooth speaker in one.

Powerful sound

Sonos Move sound

New sound always takes some getting used to, but the sound coming from the Sonos Move captured me after just a few seconds. Especially the bass sounds great. It sounds deep, spatial, and powerful at the same time. This can be a little overpowering in small spaces though. But all in all the music is pretty balanced, despite the strong bass. I do notice that the sound of the speaker is optimized for the songs that dominate the international hit charts. If you have a slightly broader taste in music, not all songs will sound equally well and clear.

Smart speaker

Smart speaker

The sound of the Sonos Move is not only powerful, but smart as well. The built-in microphones measure in what kind of environment you are and adjust the sound accordingly. The microphones also listen to what kind of music you play. Based on this information, the speaker selects a user profile, so you always listen to refined sound.

Simple app

Sonos app

Since I've never used a Sonos speaker, the app is new to me. The app is easy to use. For example, you can easily add all your music streaming services to play them via WiFi. You can also pair Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant via the app. The app ensures you can apply your preferences to the speaker without any problems.

Both WiFi and Bluetooth

WiFi and Bluetooth

With the Sonos Move, Sonos introduces its first speaker with can play music via both WiFi and Bluetooth. Both connections work seamlessly with your phone and switching connections is easy. There's a single button with the Bluetooth and the WiFi logo on the back of the speaker. Press the side of which connection you want, and you can play music via the desired connection in a matter of seconds. Sonos gets bonus points for this, as no one wants to wait for a connection. Especially not with Bluetooth speakers.


Bluetooth | Medium-sized (15 - 25cm) | Splash proof
temporarily sold out

With the Sonos Move, the American manufacturer brings the best of two worlds together, WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers. Changing connections is very smooth. Add to that the impressive sound for a portable speaker and the Sonos Move is a great speaker for at home or on the go.

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