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Specialists review of the Sonos Playbar

When I watch a movie at home, I rely on the moderate speakers of my television. I can set the volume as high as I want, voices or effects never sound clear. During the testing of the Sonos Playbar I immediately heard that this soundbar was a big upgrade. In this review I tell you more about it.


9-channel | Optical connector | WiFi streaming
no longer available
  • The 9 amplified speakers produce a clear sound. With extra Sonos speakers you can easily create a surround or multiroom setup.
  • Listen to music from more than 60 streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud.
  • The speakers do not have AirPlay or Bluetooth support.
  • You can not connect the soundbar to your TV with an HDMI cable.

First impression

Sonos Playbar: substantial and minimalistic

Strong and minimalist The Playbar has a sleek and minimalist finish, but is quite substantial. For the best sound reproduction, place the soundbar on its thin side. In this case, the design is 14 centimeters high, so it doesn't fit under my TV. Because of that, I had to put it closer to the ground. If your television is mounted to the wall, that won't be a problem for you. I like that an optical cable is included. When installing the soundbar, you don't want to find out that you still have to buy a connection cable.


Sonos Playbar installation

** Ready in fifteen minutes ** After connecting the Playbar to the power outlet, the Sonos app guided me through a simple installation process. In all, it took me a quarter of an hour to connect the soundbar. This takes a little longer than with the Play: 1, because more steps have been added here. This way you can synchronize the soundbar directly with the infrared remote control of your TV. This is useful if you do not want to always grab your smartphone to adjust the volume.

The app

Sonos app

User friendly After installation, the soundbar played the sound from my television. I opened the app to experiment with the functions. So I adjusted the bass or treble with the equalizer. The result of your changes is immediately audible, so you quickly choose your favorite sound. After I finished watching TV, I switched to the TuneIn streaming service via the main menu. Within a few seconds I switched between radio stations from all over the world.


Sound Sonos Playbar

** Spatial and powerful ** When I watched the action movie John Wick 2, the Playbar made an impression. Despite the bombastic soundtrack, the whispers of a character were clearly audible. The soundbar has 9 built-in drivers that send the sound to different directions. Do not expect a surround experience, but a spatial sound. Although the soundbar was close to the ground, effects seemed to come from above. During an action scene, the effects sounded strong, but for a solid bass you need a Sonos Sub subwoofer.


Playbar with television

** Almost completely wireless ** Before missing an HDMI input, you can only connect the soundbar to your TV with an optical cable. Make sure that your television has this connection. If you have extra Sonos speakers, the wireless connection options are handy pluses. With the app you can easily add a Sub or 2 Play speakers. This will expand the home cinema experience with deep bass tones or a truly surround sound. Thanks to the wireless connection you do not pull cables through your house.

Suitable for space

Suitable for space

** Large rooms ** \ nThe Playbar effortlessly reaches a high volume, while the sound does not distort. This makes it suitable for any room. I tested the soundbar in a small living room. To fill the entire space, I did not have to put the volume down to half. Especially in large rooms I recommend the addition of a Sub. In this way the bass tones are not lost.

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