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Specialists review of the Sonos Playbase

The Sonos Playbase is a special product. It is a sound bar but flat. And the base is not for you, but under your television. I have tested the Sonos Playbase and would like to tell you more about my experiences in this review.

Sonos Playbase

3.0-channel | Total power output unknown | WiFi streaming
no longer available
  • The 10 built-in drivers will allow you to listen to a clear and powerful movie sound.
  • Add the Playbase to the Sonos multiroom system and stream music throughout the house.
  • Wi-Fi plays the soundbar the music on your smartphone, laptop or NAS wireless.
  • The Playbase is not suitable for TVs heavier than 35 kg.
  • You can not connect the soundbase to your TV with an HDMI cable.
  • The soundplate does not have AirPlay or Bluetooth support.

First impression

Sonos Playbase

** Large but stylish ** The Playbase comes in a handy box with a carrying handle. When the box is upright, just lift the top and tada: there is your Playbase. Neatly wrapped in a cover. A handy package, I thought so. When I lifted the Playbase from the box, I found it pretty heavy to the touch. Fortunately, you do not have to carry him far. He looks great, but stylish, from the cover. Rounded corners with speakers on the side and a glossy lacquer make the base a pleasure for the eye.


Install Playbase

** Quick and easy ** The Playbase was installed so quickly. You connect the Playbase to the wall socket and via the included optical cable to your TV. You are guided through the installation process via the Sonos app on your smartphone or tablet. Super convenient. The installation is explained step by step. Important during the installation is that you have a good working Wi-Fi connection.

The app

Sonos app

Easy to use

You also use the app after installation. I discovered that you can adjust the volume via the app. You can also do this via the remote control of your TV. You simply choose your music via your own playlists or via a streaming service such as Spotify and Deezer. You can also play series or films via services such as Pathé at home and Netflix via the app. In addition, I found 2 extra options in the app: night mode and speech enhancement. I will continue to do so below.

Additional functions explained

Night mode function

Looking up what you need to do with this. The night mode is meant to be used in the evening or at night so that you do not disturb family members and / or neighbors. While testing this feature, I found out that it only works when you have low volume. What do you notice? The sound effects in violent scenes are less present because the bass is somewhat suppressed.

Voice boost function

The Sonos Playbase also has a voice enhancement function that you can use via the app. With this function dialogs are better forward and the bass is slightly suppressed. In the series 'La casa de papel' there are still some dialogues in which you can clearly see the advantage of this function. Nevertheless, I think this function is better suited to talk shows and cabaret shows.



Comes to life

While watching the movie 'Hacksaw ridge' and the series 'La casa de papel', I soon noticed that the action sounds are audible. The tension of the scenes really comes to life. The sound is spatial, but it is not a surround sound. For that you have to put real rear speakers in your sound setup.


Link Playbase

Create an almost completely wireless surround setup

The Playbase does not have an HDMI input. This means you can only connect the device to your TV via an optical cable. Your television must therefore have an optical input to connect the Playbase. If you already have speakers from Sonos, you can connect them wirelessly to the Playbase. You do this with a Wi-Fi connection via the Sonos app. This way you create a surround sound. If you also want more bass sound, you can also easily connect the Sonos Sub to the Playbase.

Suitable for space

Type of space

All rooms

The Playbase has a large sound range that does not distort. This makes it suitable for all spaces, from small to very large. In the large rooms it does have an added value if you also have Sonos speakers or the subwoofer in your sound setup.

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