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Expert review of the Sony KD-65A1

"Laurence, what have you brought back in now?" My girlfriend had to count to 10 when the Sony KD-65A1 was brought into our cramped living room. This 65 inch TV was so large that he dominated the entire space for 2 weeks. In the end she found it a shame when he was picked up again. The big OLED screen brought us movie nights that we were only used to from the cinema. Do you want to know where that all came through? Then read my review on this page.

In short

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
no longer available
  • The OLED screen ensures that black images are truly black.
  • Thanks to the minimalist design, you only see the screen when you're sitting in front of the TV.
  • Due to the sound system I did not think it necessary to connect a soundbar.
  • With the built-in Chromecast you send images from your smartphone to the screen.
  • In bright day or artificial light you see reflection on the screen.
  • You can not hang the TV tightly against the wall.

First impression

Sony KD-65A1

After I had calmed down my girlfriend, we put the TV together on its standard. This is slightly different than with the average television. The standard is at the back, which is a plus point. This way you only see the screen when you are sitting in front of the TV. Sony aimed clearly at a viewing experience where the design should not distract. This is confirmed by their logo, which is almost inconspicuous in the lower left corner.

Image quality

During the viewing of 4K and HDR images, besides the sharp and colorful images I noticed especially the deep black values. When the white Sony logo appeared on a black background, it seemed as if the screen around the icon was off. Actually, this is also true, because the pixels of an OLED TV individually light up. This technique provides a high contrast between colors and blacks. This made my viewing experience more realistic than with my current LED TV.

Viewing angle

Since I regularly get film viewers on the floor, I find it handy that the KD-65A1 has a wide viewing angle. During a movie night I sat left and right of the TV, but the color or contrast did not change. In a brightly lit room I experienced more reflection from an oblique viewing angle. Even in the black parts of the screen, the lights behind me were clearly reflected.


The special design is a real eye-catcher. The TV leans back a bit against a standard. This makes it look like a large photo frame. Because the edge is less than an inch thick, you almost only see the screen when you are sitting right in front of the TV. The disadvantage is that you can not hang the TV tightly against the wall. With the standard folded, the distance between the TV and the wall is about 6.5 centimeters.


The stand has a built-in woofer, while the screen produces sound by vibrating. This works remarkably well. The bass sounds solid and it looks like voices and effects come straight from the screen. If something happens on the left of the screen, the sound really comes from that side. This creates a realistic stereo image. I did not feel the need to connect a soundbar, which I do have on most TVs.


The supplied remote control is well in hand. It is convenient that he forms 1 whole with the keys. This means no dirt can get between the buttons. Due to the large number of buttons the remote control looks quite busy. As a Netflix subscriber, I think the Netflix button is a useful addition. With one press of the button you open the app on your screen. For non-subscribers it was more convenient if this button was programmable for other functions.

Smart TV functions

The main menu of the Android smart platform looks simple and well-organized. All popular functions are clearly visible. Think of apps like YouTube or Google Play, but also games and connected devices. A useful feature is the built-in Chromecast. From my smartphone I could browse through Netflix or YouTube, after which I sent a chosen video to the screen. This works a lot easier than when you have to navigate through the smart menu with the remote control.

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