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Expert review of the Oculus Quest

The time has come, the Oculus Quest is available. For the first time, the headset by itself is enough and you're no longer tied to cabling or hardware requirements for VR. The Quest promises *plug and play* everywhere. Of course, I've researched whether it's that easy. Read all about it in this review.

Pros and cons

1600x1440 resolution per eye | OLED screen | Suitable for people with glasses
temporarily sold out
  • For the first time, you can play VR games anywhere.
  • Insight tracking records all your movements, whether you bend, jump, or turn.
  • Hand movements feel accurate in-game when you use the controllers.
  • The battery life is mediocre, it has to be recharged after about 2 to 3 hours.
  • the storage capacity of the Quest isn't expandable.

First impression

Oculus Quest

The Quest arrives in a black box with the signature Oculus logo on top. In the box, you'll obviously find the headset, an attachment, batteries, controllers, a charger adapter, and a USB-C cable. So everything you need is there. The design of the headset is striking. It's minimalistic, but sleek and solid looking. The only buttons on the headset are the slider to adjust the lenses, the volume buttons, and the on and off switch.

Set up and get started

Set up VR headset

It's not without reason that I want to get started right away after opening the box. First I have to go through the setup process by connecting the headset to the WiFi network, among other things. The process is self-explanatory and the steps are completed in no time. A kind of introduction, called first steps, is pre-installed by default. In this tutorial, you'll get to know the controllers and the Quest. I definitely recommend doing the tutorial.

The controllers

Controllers virtual world

When you first hold the controllers, the amount of buttons feels a bit overwhelming. At least that's what I thought. Nothing could be further from the truth, because the controllers are very clear as soon as you have te headset on. Each button is easy to control, but also feels solid. You make the same movements on the controllers with your hands as in real life. When you make a fist, it's also really a fist in-game, for example. Very nice.

How long will it last on one battery?

Battery Life Quest

The fact that the Quest is wireless and requires no additional hardware, also means that the headset has a battery. Since VR is quite intensive for the headset graphically, the battery life must be disappointing. This is partly correct, because the headset has to be connected to the charger again after about 2.5 hours. Annoying if you want to use it a lot, but I think an hour or two of gaming is sufficient. So I actually think the battery life is quite good.

Insight tracking

Tracking Oculus

As mentioned, the controllers really make your hands feel like hands in the virtual world. How about tracking other movements? Good in my opinion, because the front cameras all accurately register bending, turning 360 degrees, and other movements. In addition, the cameras ensure that you continue to see the surroundings, even when you're wearing the headset. So you'll never run into anything again. Very useful if you ask me.

What about the available apps?

Apps for VR gaming

The headset just became available when I wrote this, but you can already choose from more than 50 paid and unpaid apps. Think of the famous Beat Saber, Fruit Ninja VR, and more. There are quite some apps, but there is much more to come. The advance of VR has only just started and there will be plenty of other apps for VR in the coming years. Whether they're as fun as Beat Saber, I have yet to see.


1600x1440 resolution per eye | OLED screen | Suitable for people with glasses
temporarily sold out

Creating a full-fledged VR experience has never been easier than with the Oculus Quest. Wherever you are, you put on your headset and move yourself into the virtual dimension. The Quest registers movements accurately, the controllers work intuitively, and you're completely free of cables. You also have plenty of apps to choose from. You have to take for granted that the battery life isn't super long. The Oculus Quest is a highly successful VR headset for everyone.

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