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FAQ Xbox Series X

Most frequently asked questions

Is the Xbox Series X still available? Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X is currently sold out.

When will more Xbox Series X stock be available? We don't know either. Calling our Customer Service or bringing us cookies won't help. We'll keep you informed of the latest updates here.

Can I buy the Xbox Series X in the store? Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X is not for sale in our stores. As soon as this changes, you can read it here.

Should I call the customer service? Unfortunately, our customer service employees can't tell you more than is stated here.

Are the Xbox Series X and Series S really that good? The new generation Xbox include Microsoft's most powerful console and the smallest console. You can play games in a resolution of up to 8K with the Xbox Series X and place the Xbox Series S in a small cupboard of your TV furniture thanks to its compact size. Your games will also load faster than ever thanks to the powerful processor and NVMe SSD.

What can you do until you order the Xbox Series X? Dust off your Xbox One games, because the backwards compatibility allows you to play your old Call of Duty games or the new FIFA 21 that you play on the Xbox One. Practice those games and get off to a flying start on the Xbox Series X. Of course, you can also watch 24 James Bond movies. The series The Boys is a must and Slither.io is still quite addictive.

Will there be a new draw for the Xbox? At this point, we can't say anything about how we will sell the next stock of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Keep an eye on our update page or subscribe via the 'Keep me informed' button.

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