Where can I find the subscriptions that Coolblue offers? You can use the link below.


How is the first payment made? The first payment only consists of a one-time payment. After that, we'll automatically debit the monthly amount every month.

Why do I have to make a one-time payment? You pay this to activate your subscription at Coolblue. We also do this because Coolblue remains owner of the product and we like certainty.

How does the monthly payment work? You pay the costs of your subscription in advance each month. This means that every month on the 29th, we automatically debit the subscription fee from your account.

Why was the first monthly payment higher? The first payment is often higher than the monthly amount because you have to pay for the current month and the next month. For example, if you start a subscription on 15 May, you have to pay for half a month in May and the following month (June).


When will my product be delivered? At the checkout, you can choose a delivery date and, if desired, a time slot.

What time will my product be delivered? On the night before the delivery, you'll receive a Track & Trace code with a 1-hour time slot. You'll also receive a call from one of our delivery drivers 15 minutes before they arrive.

Will you connect my product? By default, we deliver products up to the threshold that gives access to your home. We offer an additional connection service for white goods and kitchen appliances, for a fee. In that case, we'll place your product in the desired location and connect it for you. You can add this connection service on the product page.

Will you also pick up the old device? If your old product is ready at the door, we'll take it with us. This must have a similar size as the new porduct. Have you opted for an extra connection service? We'll pick up the old model from it's current location.

Do I have to be home to receive the product? As long as there's someone to open the door for the delivery drivers, you don't have to be home.

During the term

And what if I change my mind? You can terminate the agreement within 30 days without giving us a reason.

Can I cancel my subscription? After 12 months, you can cancel your subscription monthly, free of charge. You can send an email to or call us via 010 - 798 89 99.

Can I transfer my subscription to someone else?* Yes, you can. Please contact us in that case.

What do I do in case of damage or defects? Contact us via We'll do our best to repair your device as quickly as possible. If we can't, we'll provide a replacement product. If you have a white goods or kitchen appliance subscription, we'll do that within 48 hours.

I'm moving, what will happen to my product? No worries, we'll move your products with you for free.


Can I buy the product after canceling my subscription? Yes, after 12 months it's possible to buy the product from Coolblue. You can call our Customer Service for this and they can offer you a purchase option at your request. You're not obliged to accept the offer.

What happens to the device after my subscription has ended? Coolblue will collect the device from you and process it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

For who?

Why does Coolblue offer subscriptions? Coolblue wants to make it easier for customers to have a quality appliance for a fixed amount per month. For example, because your old one is broken and you don't want to buy a new one.

Will I become the owner of the appliance if I take out a subscription at Coolblue? No, Coolblue will remain the legal owner of the device for the duration of the subscription. A subscription won't allow you to pay in installments.

Can I take out a subscription for someone else? No, it's only possible to take out a subscription for yourself. Please note: you must be 18 years or older to take out a subscription.

Can I take out multiple subscriptions at the same time? You can take out a maximum of 1 subscription per product type during the term. You can't take out 2 washing machine subscriptions, for example, but it is possible to take out a washing machine and a dryer subscription.

Is it possible to take out a subscription for business purposes? The subscription can currently only be taken out by private customers.


What does Coolblue do with the data I enter on the application form? Coolblue uses the data for an acceptance test. This test is performed by our partner Focum and gives us insight into whether you can meet the monthly payment obligation. We don't save the data from the acceptance test, we only register that we have performed the test. Do you want to know more? If so, also view the general terms and conditions.

Will I receive a BKR registration if I take out a subscription at Coolblue? No, we only use your data for the acceptance test at Focum and will never provide it to third parties.


Do you have any questions, do you want to report a change, or do you need help with something else? Send an email to or contact us on 010 - 798 89 99. Note: do you have any questions about your order? Make sure you have your order number handy. You can find this in the agreement email you received after your acceptance test was accepted.

Terms and Conditions up to and including 10 December 2019

These Terms and Conditions apply to subscriptions concluded up to and including 10 December 2019.

Terms and Conditions from 11 December 2019

These Terms and Conditions apply to subscriptions concluded between 11 December 2019 and 29 April 2020.

Terms and Conditions from 30 April 2020

These Terms and Conditions apply to subscriptions concluded on and after 30 April 2020.

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