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Advice on fisheye lenses

A fisheye lens deliberately creates distortion. Imagine looking at a reflection in a traffic mirror or through a peephole in a door. Everything looks spherical. You create that effect with a fisheye lens. Photographers often use this lens at parties, during holidays or when photographing different types of sports. A fisheye lens gives you the opportunity to experiment with unique perspectives.

Lens properties

Fisheye lenses have an angle of view of 100 to 180 degrees. You recognize the lenses because they themselves look spherical and literally have something like a bulging fish eye. There are both prime and zoom fisheye lenses and often you focus manually.

Intentional bias

Intentional bias

With a fisheye lens you intentionally distort a photo. Your subject is looking bulging, as if you are looking at someone through his reflection in a spoon. This distortion gives photos a unique perspective and gives people the chance to experiment with images. Sometimes photos of parties or sports competitions are made with a fisheye lens. In fact, you can use these lenses in any situation. You give holiday snaps something extra, make creative portraits of your friends and let buildings look as if they are reaching into the clouds.

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