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Expert review of the Fitbit Versa

With the Fitbit Versa Fitbit brings her second smartwatch on the market. As with the predecessor of the Versa, the Fitbit Ionic, the focus on sports and health with the new watch is great. Are you curious what the Fitbit Versa has to offer? I wore the smartwatch for a week and you will be informed of my findings in this article.

Fitbit Versa

Compatible with iOS and Android | Measures heart rate, steps, and calories burnt | No integrated GPS sensor
no longer available
  • The built-in heart rate sensor gives you a good insight into your condition.
  • The battery lasts about 4 days.
  • The watch strap is well fixed and you can easily change it thanks to the click system.
  • The smartwatch is completely waterproof and therefore suitable for measuring your workouts in the pool.
  • Calling via the Fitbit Versa is not possible.
  • The Fitbit Versa does not have a virtual assistant like Siri.
  • The Fitbit Versa does not have a built-in GPS sensor, so you have to use the GPS sensor in your smartphone to record your route and speed.

Fitness and health

Fitness video

Fitbit has focused on sport when devising the Versa. The smartwatch has many options that improve your fitness and get everything out of your sports sessions. Consider measuring data (steps and calories) and personalized workouts, setting goals such as 5 kilometers of running and a Cardio Fitness Score with which you determine your fitness. The watch also measures your sleep rhythm, you do breathing exercises with it and you choose from more than 15 sport profiles.


Sensors Fitbit Versa

What I find a disadvantage of the Fitbit Versa is that the smartwatch does not have a GPS sensor. When I go out running, walking or cycling I have to take my smartphone with me to record my route and speed via Connected Gps. Fortunately, the Versa does have a waterproof heart rate sensor that measures your heart rate through your wrist. The Versa also has an altimeter, which is nice for when you go into the mountains.

Smartphone connectivity and music via Deezer

Music Fitbit Versa

While wearing the Versa I received incoming messages and calls from my smartphone on the display of the smartwatch. It is a pity that I can not answer incoming calls via the watch, I have to get my phone out of my bag. There it weighs against the fact that it is possible to place songs on the Versa from music platform Deezer (unfortunately not via Spotify). That way I stream music to my wireless headphones all day long, without needing my smartphone.

Fitbit Versa Lite and Special Edition

The Fitbit Versa was also released in a Lite edition 3 months after the initial launch. The Versa Lite is almost the same as the regular Versa. The Lite doesn't have an altimeter, so the watch doesn't measure stairs. In addition, the normal Versa has 2 buttons and the Versa Lite only 1 button. Ultimately, this makes little difference during use. Finally, a Fitbit Versa Special Edition is also available. This watch has an NFC chip that you can use to pay.


Are you looking for an affordable and streamlined smartwatch? Then the Fitbit Versa is a good choice. The great focus on sport, the light weight and wearing comfort of the smartwatch make the Versa convenient and pleasant to wear during your workouts. Disadvantages are the limited smartphone connectivity and the lack of the GPS sensor. On the other hand, the battery life of the Versa (about 4 days) is relatively long for a smartwatch.

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