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Got any questions about your Foscam IP camera, or did you run into a problem? Here, you'll find solutions and steps for the most common situations.

How do I install my Foscam camera via the application?

Setting Foscam camera with the application

Setting up a Foscam (WiFi) IP camera is simple. You don't need to know anything about networks or camera settings. The only thing you'll need is this roadmap.

How do I set up my Foscam camera via the web interface?

Setting Foscam camera via the web interface

There are 2 ways to set up a Foscam IP camera. You'll use this method when adjusting advanced settings. Here, you'll read how to set up the camera via the web interface.

How do I set motion detection on my Foscam IP camera?

Setting Foscam motion sensor

Want to set up your IP camera to record images when it detects motion? Follow these steps.

How do I record images from my Foscam IP camera?

Recording and storing Foscam camera footage

A Foscam IP camera offers a large number of possibilities when it comes to storing your images. I'll gladly explain to you which options there are and how to configure them.

How do I reset my Foscam IP camera?

Resetting Foscam camera

You might have forgotten your IP camera's login credentials or want to reset the configuration to the factory settings. The roadmap below explains how to do this.

How do I access my Foscam IP camera remotely?

Approaching Foscam camera remotely

When setting up the camera via the web interface, you'll need to carry out additional actions to access your camera remotely. Read what the steps are here.

How do I update the firmware of my Foscam IP camera?

Updating Foscam firmware

To ensure your Foscam IP camera keeps working as well and safely as possible, it's a good idea to update the IP camera's firmware regularly. Read how to do this here.

How do I set night vision on my Foscam IP camera?

Setting night vision on your Foscam camera

Is your Foscam IP camera's image poor in the morning or evening? This might be related to the night vision settings. Follow these instructions for the right settings.

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