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Frequently asked questions on our washing machine subscriptions

For who?

Why does Coolblue offer dryer subscriptions? Coolblue wants to make it easier for customers to have a quality dryer. For example, because your old dryer is broken and you don't want to buy a new one. Or because you would like an energy-efficient dryer for an accessible monthly price.

Will I become the owner of the dryer if I take out a subscription at Coolblue? No, Coolblue will remain the legal owner of the device for the duration of the subscription.

Can I take out a subscription for someone else? No, it's only possible to take out a subscription for yourself. Please note: you must be 18 years or older to take out a subscription.

Can I take out multiple subscriptions at the same time? You can take out a maximum of 1 subscription during the term.

**Is it possible to take out a dryer subscription for business purposes? **The subscription can currently only be taken out by private customers.


Why do I have to pay a deposit? You pay a deposit because the product remains property of Coolblue. And also because we like certainty. We only retain the deposit in the case of irreparable damage or theft. If you handle the product normally, you'll receive the deposit back at the end of your subscription.

When will the deposit be returned to my account? Coolblue will refund the amount to your account within 14 days after the end of your subscription.

How does the monthly debit work? You pay the costs of your subscription in advance each month. This means that every month on the 27th, we automatically debit the subscription fee from your account.


When will your dryer be delivered? Delivery is scheduled as soon as we receive the first payment (deposit + first payment in advance). If your payment is received before 5:00PM on weekdays, the dryer is usually delivered to your home the following day. If your payment is received on Saturday or Sunday, the dryer is usually delivered on Tuesday. Of course, you'll first receive a message with the exact delivery date. On the night of the delivery, you'll receive a Track & Trace number with a time slot, and 30 minutes before the delivery, you'll receive a text message.

Reflection period

And what if I change my mind? You can terminate the agreement within 30 days without giving us a reason. Contact us on 010 268 30 35 for more information.

During the term

Can I change or cancel my subscription in the meantime? No, it's not possible to change your subscription during this time. After 12 months, it's possible to cancel your subscription free of charge every month.

What do I do in the event of damage?

How can I report damage? In the event of damage, we request that you always contact us at 010 268 30 35. We'll do our best to repair your dryer as quickly as possible. If that fails, we will provide a replacement dryer within 48 hours.

And after my subscription?

What happens to the dryer after my subscription is canceled? Coolblue collects the dryer from you and processes the device in an environmentally-friendly way.


** What does Coolblue do with the data I enter on the application form?** Coolblue uses the data for an acceptance test. This test is performed by our partner Focum and gives us insight into whether you can meet the monthly payment obligation. We don't save the data from the acceptance test, we only register that we have performed the test. Do you want to know more? If so, also view the general terms and conditions.

Will I receive a BKR registration if I take out a subscription at Coolblue? No, we only use your data for the acceptance test at Focum and will never provide it to third parties.

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