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How do you get the most out of your Harman Kardon Citation One with Google Home?

You're the proud owner of the Harman Kardon Citation One. Harman Kardon doesn't have its own app to operate the speaker. You can operate it via Google Home. Install this app on your smartphone or tablet before we start. In this article, you can read about all the possibilities of Google Home for your Harman Kardon Citation One.

Settings and tips

Google Home add a new device

Once you've downloaded the app, click 'Add' and then click 'Add new device'. Go through the setup and add a new house if you don't have one yet. With the tips below, you can get the most out of your Harman Kardon speaker with the app.

Tip 1: set your sound.

Tip 2: use the voice assistant.

Tip 3: connect multiple devices via Google Home.

Tip 1: set your sound

House in Google Home app

Because Harman Kardon doesn't have its own app (yet), you need to connect the speaker via Google Home. Unfortunately, this means that you can't manually set the Citation One with the so-called equalizer. The advantage of Google Home is that you get Google Assistant. This way, you can use your voice to control the speakers.

Tip 2: use the voice assistant

Use Google Assistant

Once you're in Google Home, you can access the endless world of Google Assistant. Simply say 'Hey Google' and ask about today's weather, traffic, or your calendar. Do you also have smart lights or thermostats? If so, you can also operate them via a simple voice command. You can read more examples of the voice assistant in the article below.

Tip 3: pair multiple speakers via Google Home

Set up more devices in Google Home

You might want to expand your speaker with a soundbar. Or you want to pair multiple speakers to create a stereo pair or a multi-room setup. This way, you can listen to a room-filling sound in every room of the house. You pair the speakers in the Google Home app. First, you install both speakers separately. Then, click on one of the 2 speakers to pair it. Now, press the 'Settings' icon and your current house. From then on, you have the option to pair the 2 speakers and name the pair.

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