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Getting my Philips or Saeco coffee machine ready for use

You obviously can't wait to get started with your new espresso machine. That's why I'll explain to you in 6 simple steps how to get your machine ready for use.

Traces of use by testing at the factory

Chances are that you will encounter coffee residues in your new coffee machine. Don't be alarmed, because this is very normal and doesn't mean that the machine isn't new. Every fully automatic coffee machine is tested at the factory, so the manufacturer knows that the machine works as it should.

Prepare the coffee machine in 6 steps

filling the water tank

Step 1: fill the water tank and bean hopper

  • Fill the water tank up to the maximum mark with fresh, cold water.

  • Fill the bean hopper with coffee beans.

Turn on the machine

Step 2: turn on the machine

  • Plug the small connector of the included power cord into the contact point at the back of the machine.

  • Plug the other end of the power cord into the power socket.

  • If your machine has a main switch, switch it to 'I'. Press the on/off button on the front of the machine to turn it on.

  • Tip for future use: when you're not using the machine, the standby light is automatically switched on. Does that bother you? Simply turn off the switch on the back of the machine.

Place container

Step 3: put a container under the coffee spout

  • Place a container with a minimum capacity of 1 liter underneath the spout to collect the rinsing water.

  • Make sure the container is placed underneath both the spout and the hot water spout (steam pipe or hot water attachment).

  • When you first switch it on, the machine will rinse the pipes with water.

Prepare pipes

Step 4: prepare the pipes

  • Do you have a machine with a display? A notification will be given using a message on the display saying the pipes will need to be prepared.
  • Do you have a machine without a display? You'll see a flashing exclamation mark.
  • Press the 'Espresso' button or turn the knob to the hot water pictogram, depending on your espresso machine.
  • The machine will now start rinsing the pipes.
  • After rinsing has finished, the machine will be heated up for use.
Place the water tank

Step 5: place and activate the water filter

  • Once the coffee machine is done rinsing, there will be a notification to place the (AquaClean) water filter.

  • Remove the water filter from the packaging and shake it up and down for 5 seconds.

  • Fill a pitcher or tray with water and fully submerge the water filter under water. Keep it there for 30 seconds.

  • Empty the coffee machine's water tank and place the filter in the circle on the bottom of the water tank until it's secured.

  • Refill the water tank with fresh water and place it back in the coffee machine.

  • Finish by confirming the filter installation on the display.

Adjust coffee to taste

Step 6: adjust the coffee flavor to your liking

This step is optional, since the machine has already been set up for you at the factory. Is the coffee still not entirely to your taste, though? In that case, you can easily adjust this yourself.

  • Set the aroma strength: You adjust the coffee's strength by pressing the 'aroma' button. You'll recognize this button from the icon shaped like a coffee bean.
  • Set the grind size: You'll find the grind size button in the coffee bean hopper. Set the grind size a little finer for a punchy coffee or choose a coarse grind for a lighter coffee taste. NOTE: Only adjust the grind settings while the machine is grinding coffee beans to prevent errors.
  • It's normal that the first few cups of coffee taste a little watery. The machine sets the amount of water automatically. After making about 5 cups of coffee, the machine should be set up right.

Also consider maintenance

In order to always enjoy the best quality coffee, it's important to maintain the machine well. Rinse the brew group weekly and clean the machine monthly using a cleaning tablet. Don't forget to descale the machine when you get a notification about it, either.

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