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Getting started with the Canon EOS M50

Before you make your first photo with the Canon EOS M50, you must first prepare the camera. In the step-by-step plan below you can read how you do this. After following all the steps you can go with the camera to shoot beautiful pictures.

Step 1: Insert the battery into the camera

Insert the battery

Naturally, a camera does not work until it is equipped with a battery. Turn the bottom of the device towards you. On the left side you will find a cover, here the battery has to be inserted. You open the cover by moving the slide to the right. Pick up the battery and make sure that the side where "Canon" stands up is turned towards the front of the camera. Slide the battery in until you hear a click.

Step 2: Insert the memory card into the camera

Insert a memory card

In addition to the opening in which you have just placed the battery, you will find a narrow opening. Here you insert the memory card. Your camera needs a memory card to store recordings. Make sure the front of the card is facing the front of the camera. Then slide it in until you hear a small click. If the battery and the memory card are inserted, close the cover again.

Step 3: attach the lens

Attach the lens

Now place the lens on the body. First remove the cap from the body. Place the body with the opening down on the table. Then remove the cap from the lens on the bottom of the lens. Pack both parts. There is a white dot on both the lens and the body. Place the lens on the lens with the two white dots exactly on top of each other. Assemble the parts until you hear a click.

Step 4: Turn the camera on in the correct position

Right position

Remove the lens cap on the front of the lens. Turn the top of the device towards you. Here you will find an on-off button. Turn the camera on by turning the knob to 'on'. Next to this button you will find a turning wheel. This allows you to choose the right position in which you want to photograph. Choose the fully automatic mode for your first photo. Turn the green 'A +' icon to the white line to the left of the turning wheel.

Step 5: make your first photo now

Taking a photo

At the top of the device you will find another button above the jog wheel. You use this to finally take the photo. Look at your subject via the screen or the viewfinder. Do you have a clear picture of the subject? Then press the button halfway to focus the image. Then press the button more firmly to take the photo. You view the result by pressing the blue square with a triangle in it.

Step 6: Turn off the camera

Turn off the camera

You have managed to make your first recordings with this camera. You want to store the camera again. Turn the device off by setting the on-off button to 'off'. Replace the cap on the lens to protect it well. Then remove the battery from the camera. Because if you store the battery separately from the camera, the battery lasts longer. Keep the camera in a safe place, preferably in a camera bag.

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