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Get started with the DJI Spark

You bought a DJI Spark drone, but you have no idea how to get the device in the air. No worries. In this article, we'll explain step by step how to get the drone ready for use. You'll also learn how to record. Your first flight will be a great success with this step by step guide.

In short: how, what, with what?

What am I going to do? Get the drone ready for its first flight
What is this explanation suitable for? For the DJI Spark Fly More Combo.
How long does it take? 30 - 60 minutes.
What do I need? The DJI Spark Fly More Combo set and a phone.
Do I need to prepare? Make sure the Spark batteries and controller are charged. To be sure, also fully charge your phone and download the DJI Go 4 app in the app store. To store footage in Full HD quality, you need a microSD card.

Step 1: check if the package is complete

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Package

Spread out all the included parts in front of you to get a clear overview. Make sure you actually have 8 extra propellers, 4 propeller caps, and 2 batteries. The package should also contain a charging dock, a micro USB cable, and a charger. You probably already used this to charge the batteries.

Step 2: complete the device

Attach battery

Turn the bottom of the Spark towards you. Click the charged battery on the device. You'll find a little cover at the back of the drone. Behind this, you'll find the microSD card slot. Put the microSD card in the slot if you want to record in Full HD quality. Because the propellers are very vulnerable, we recommend attaching the caps to the propellers.

How do I attach the propeller caps?

You can easily attach the caps with a simple click system. The 2 caps with the white marking at the top go on the corresponding propellers with the same white marking. Open the attachment cover of the cap and click it on the bottom of the propeller. Turn the cap clockwise until it's fixed. Afterwards, close the protection cover again. Repeat these steps until all 4 propeller caps are fixed.

Step 3: activate the Spark in the app

Activate Spark

Open the DJI Go 4 app. Tap the product bar in the top left corner and select 'Spark'. Then, tap the drop-down menu in the top right corner. Select 'Scan QR code'. Use your phone to scan the QR on the device, which you can find below the battery or on the box of the drone. Follow the steps on the screen of your phone until your Spark is activated correctly.

Step 4: turn on the Spark

Turn on Spark

You'll find a button to turn it on at the back of the Spark. Press this twice and hold it down the second time. Do this until the lights below the propellers turn on and you hear a startup sound. The drone is now turned on.

Step 5: connect your phone to the controller

Connection between drone and controller

There are two ways to make contact between the drone and your phone: directly or via the controller. If you do it without a controller, you can control the drone via the touchscreen of your phone. It's much easier to control the Spark with the controllers, because of the joysticks. So, the steps after this one are aimed at operating the drone with a controller.

Directly between your drone and your phone

You can make a direct WiFi connection between your phone and the drone if you'd rather work without a controller. The WiFi information is at the bottom of the controller and on the box of the Spark. Write this information down on a piece of paper. Then, open the menu with settings to connect to a WiFi network. To make a connection, select the Spark WiFi network and enter the password you wrote down.

Connection via the controller

Fold out the antennas of the controller. Make sure the controller is no more than 20 centimeters removed from the drone. Turn on the controller by pressing the on button twice. Hold down the button the second time until you hear a startup sound. You'll find a sticker with WiFi information at the bottom of the controller. Go to the WiFi settings on your phone and enter the information. Afterwards, mount your phone in the controller.

Step 6: connect your phone to the controller

Connection between drone and controller

Turn on the drone if it's not on yet. As soon as the light on the controller turns green, the drone has made a connection with your controller. You can also see in the app if the connection was a success. What should you do if there is no automatic connection? In that case, tap 'RC Connected' in the app and select 'Remote Controller'. Afterwards, follow the steps on your screen.

Step 7: go outside for a first flight

Protective bag

Everything now works to make a first flight. Turn off the drone and the controller and store everything in the included protective bag. It's time to go out and make your first test flight.

Good to know

You're not allowed to fly drones everywhere in the Netherlands due to safety. You're only allowed to fly during daytime and you're not allowed to fly near an airport or more than 120 meters above the ground or water. So, first make sure you're allowed to fly your drone near you. It's also better to only fly when weather conditions are good. Because if it's windy, the drone will go off course. You also can't fly in the rain.

Step 8: prepare your drone for take-off

Prepare the drone to fly

Open the app and mount your phone in the controller. Turn on the controller and activate the drone by turning both joysticks all the way outwards or inwards. Tap 'Go Fly' in the app. The live feed of your drone camera now appears on your phone screen. If this is your first flight, switch on 'Beginner mode' in the settings. The drone will then stay inside a range of 30 meters from you.

Step 9: take flight and control the Spark with the joysticks

Take off and control

You can take off by moving the left joystick upwards. By moving the joystick to the left or right, you can turn the drone. The right joystick makes the drone move forwards and backwards and from the left and to the right. Move the left joystick downwards to descend. You can also use the 'Return to home' button on your controller to land the drone.

Step 10: record during flight

You can record by tapping the record button in the app. You can use the button above it to switch between photo and video mode. You'll also find a vertical bar with a slider on the screen of your phone to move the gimbal of the drone. Use this to choose the angle from which to make recordings. You can view all your recordings in the app or in the photo library on your phone.

Congratulations, you've made your first flight with the DJI Spark Fly More Combo!

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