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Advice on hair styling tools

What style are you going for? Do you want curly hair, a wave, or do you prefer to go for a different hairstyle each day? All hair styling tools have in common that they use heat to style your hair, but every type gives a different effect. In this article, I'll tell you what kinds of hairstyles you'll create with the hair styling tools.

1. Want to curl your hair?

There are 2 ways to get your hair to curl: with a curling iron and with a hot roller set. Curling irons come in several shapes and sizes for various results, so choose a curling iron that fits your desired hairstyle. Hot roller sets require a little more work, but they do ensure your hair will stay in shape a lot longer.

Curling iron or hot roller set

Curling iron advice

Curling iron

You use a curling iron to make curls in your hair. Curling irons come in several shapes and sizes for various results, so choose a curling iron that fits your desired hairstyle. Want to know more about curling irons? Read the advice page.

Hot roller set hair styling tools

Hot roller set

Got hair that doesn't stay in shape easily, but still want to create pretty curls? Go for a hot roller set. A hot roller set consists of multiple hot rollers that you put in your hair and allow to cool down. Because they stay in your hair longer, your hair will stay in shape longer.

2. Want to straighten your hair?

Hair straighteners

Got curly or wavy hair and want to make it nice and straight? Use a straightener for this. The type of straightener your need depends on how often you plan to use it, your hair structure, and hair type. In addition, some straighteners can also be used to create curly or wavy hair. You'll find more on this on the advice page for hair straighteners.

3. Want to create wavy hair or volume?

Curling brushes

Want more volume or a nice wave in your hair? In that case, a curling brush is a good option. A curling brush is a blow dryer and brush in 1. A curling brush is also good for giving more volume to short hair. You won't need a blow dryer for drying your hair anymore.

For creating wave or volume in medium-length or long hair, a straightener with flexible plates may also be used.

4. Want to create various styles?


If you enjoy switching up hair styles, a multi-styler is a good idea for you. A multi-styler is a curling iron and straightener in 1, that is, it consists of a handle with multiple attachments. Models that are curling iron and straightener in 1 have flexible plates. These plates move during curling for a curl without angles. That way, you'll have flowing curls one day, and you can go for a straight hairstyle the next.

5. Don't forget to take care of your hair

It doesn't matter what hair styling tool you end up choosing, it's wise to use a hair care product before and after styling. Not just to shield your hair against the styling tool's heat, but also to get your hairstyle into shape after styling.

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