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How do you install an Ezviz IP camera?

With the Ezviz IP camera, you keep watch on your home or garden. The setup can be difficult sometimes. In this article, I'll explain how to set up your Ezviz camera.

Setup of your Ezviz IP camera

  • Connect the Ezviz camera
  • Create an account
  • Add the camera
  • Connect to the WiFi
  • Configure the camera
  • Save your footage

Step 1: the preparation

Prepare setup

Connect your Ezviz camera to the power grid. Place the IP camera somewhere with enough WiFi reception. You can test this by playing a video on your phone. If the video doesn't need to buffer, your reception is good. While you're booting the camera, you can install the Ezviz app. You'll find it in the app store on your phone. That way, you can get started right away.

Step 2: create an account

Create an account

When you open the Ezviz app for the first time, you need to log in. Create a new account by tapping 'User registration'. Fill in your email address and your chosen password. Tap on 'Next' and request a verification code. You confirm your account with this. Ezviz will send you a 4-digit code via email. Enter this code and tap 'Next'. You're now logged in.

Step 3: add the camera

Add camera

The app now shows you a white screen with a large plus sign. Tap this icon to add a camera. Next, scan the QR code at the bottom of the camera. The app will recognize the camera. Now, tap 'Next' to set it up. In the next screen, tap 'The device is starting up and works the first time'. This is how you can set up a new camera.

Step 4: connect to the WiFi

Connect WiFi

Now it's time to connect your Ezviz IP camera to the WiFi. Make sure your phone is connected to the network you want to use for your camera. Fill in the password to the network and press next. The camera will now be set up. This can take several minutes. Afterwards, the app will show you the first live feed from your camera.

Step 5: configure the camera

Set up the camera

In this screen, you can adjust the basic settings of the camera. Choose a time zone and a name for your camera, for example. Press 'View device' to watch the live feed. By pressing the gear wheel icon in the top left corner, you can set up your other options. You can turn night vision on and off, for example. And you can choose when you want to receive a notification. You can set this up this under 'Alarm notifications'.

Step 6: save footage

Save footage

Do you want to watch back the footage of your Ezviz camera? Place a micro SD card in the camera. This way, the camera will save all of the footage. You can watch them back all over the world. You install the card by selecting settings in the camera screen. Tap the gear wheel icon at the top right corner. Next, tap 'Storage status' and select 'Memory card'. Finally, tap 'Initialize' to make it suitable for the camera.

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