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How do I update the firmware of my Logitech G accessories?

Here I explain how, if available, you install a firmware update for your Logitech Gaming accessories. A firmware update can resolve any problems or make new features of your accessory (s) accessible.

What is firmware?

Firmware is the software that contains the instructions that a device or accessory knows how to communicate with other devices. This also shows how input and output must be processed and executed. The difference between a driver and firmware is that firmware is in the device itself. Previously these instructions could no longer be modified, but nowadays a manufacturer can update them via a firmware update. This can solve problems or even extend functionality.


Firmware is therefore extremely important for the functioning of your product. I therefore advise you to update firmware only when you actually encounter problems that have been solved by the manufacturer through a firmware update. If something goes wrong during the installation of the update, you run the risk that your product will be irreparably damaged. Are you going anyway? Then you need the Logitech Gaming Software.

Update Logitech G firmware

When Logitech G issues a firmware update for a product, you can find it via the Logitech Gaming Software.

  • Connect your Logitech G accessory to your PC or laptop.
  • Start the software; if everything is alright, you will see your accessory back in the main menu.
  • Navigate to the settings, the gear at the bottom right of the LGS window.
  • In the list of tabs you can now see the name of your accessory. Click on it.
  • Halfway through the page that appears you will see the button 'Update Firmware'. Click on it.
  • Wait until the firmware update has been carried out.
  • Ready? The window now shows that the firmware is the most recent, and when it was last updated.
  • You may now be able to disconnect your device again.

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