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Expert review of the HP Pavilion 15-cs0952nd

The HP Pavilion 15-cs0952nd looks sleek. HP promises sufficient storage space on the hard drive, which should be just as fast as an SSD due to the Intel Optane memory. Whether this laptop makes this true, we have chosen for you and put in this review for you in a row.

In short

Powerful enough for photo editing | Intel Core i5 - 8GB - 16GB Optane + 1TB HDD | Anti-glare screen
no longer available

After using this laptop for a while, we are quite happy. The sturdy housing, the sound of the speakers and the quality of the 15.6 inch display are all fine. It is unfortunate that the startup of programs takes a long time, the battery life leaves something to be desired and that there is no illuminated keyboard, but on this laptop you can easily get started with simple photo editing once the program is loaded.

The assessment

Grade Comments
Sturdiness 7 Partly aluminum housing, but a moderate battery life
Design 8 Use of aluminum and he is best light for a 15 inch laptop
User-friendliness 7 High quality screen, but a sensitive trackpad and no illuminated keys. The laptop is also a bit noisy
Possibilities 7.5 Sufficient connections for peripherals
Speed 6.5 The Intel Core i5 processor starts the laptop quickly, programs load a bit slower
Verdict 7


Here we check whether the laptop is sturdy enough for its price range. So for example, can he take a beating and take him with you for a day without having to charge the laptop in between?

Aluminum makes the laptop feel solid

HP Pavilion laptop closed on the table.

The first thing you notice when you take this HP Pavilion out of the box is the partly aluminum housing. This creates a sleek appearance while the laptop feels solid. The top and the plane where your hands are resting on this HP of aluminum, the rest is plastic. The 'hourglass' notch at the edges of the laptop ensures that you open the laptop from all angles, although it still opens the easiest from the front.

The battery may last a little longer

HP laptop open with video on screen and Coolblue mug next to it.

The battery of the Pavilion is not bad, but it can be a bit more. Watching a 4K video quickly drains the battery: after four hours the HP Pavilion really had to be on the charger. If you only type internet or reports, the battery lasts twice longer. That way you keep it a working day full of this HP. Charging is fairly fast. Within fifteen minutes, the laptop charges more than 15% while it is on. Within an hour and a half, you have recharged the entire battery.


Did the manufacturer take the laptop's appearance into account? On top of that, we judge the thickness and weight, so you can be sure that you can easily bring the laptop.

Striking appearance and easy to carry

Fans of an HP laptop.

For a laptop in its price range, the Pavilion has a luxurious appearance due to the use of aluminum in the housing. Furthermore, all edges are neatly finished, the keyboard looks fine and the edges around the screen are pretty thin, which provides relatively more screen space. Also the new design of the speakers is striking: it gives the HP a bit of a design look. With 1.9 kg the laptop is also reasonably light, which is of course handy if you take it with you in your bag.


If you're looking for a laptop, it's good to know what it's like to type on, whether the screen properly displays your favorite movies, and if the touchpad isn't outdated. We'll also tell you a thing or two about pre-installed programs.

Great keyboard and a sensitive trackpad

Keyboard of an HP laptop.

The keyboard does what it has to do. We think the keys work fine, but the keyboard itself is not illuminated. That is unfortunate but is not a problem if you type blind. However, the arrow keys are a bit small. The touchpad works fine, but is sensitive. You have enough space to move your finger along the trackpad, but it is sensitive to tapping and clicking. Fortunately, this is adjustable, so you make the trackpad as accurate as you want.

Sharp image and sound

Idyllic landscape on an HP laptop.

The display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 gives a sharp and clear picture, but Full HD is also a requirement for a laptop within this price range. In our opinion, the colors are very realistic, which is partly due to the IPS panel. Through the panel you can see true-to-life colors from a wide viewing angle. The built-in speakers are from Bang & Olufsen and are better than the average built-in speakers in a laptop. Music sounds clear, but it lacks some bass.

Preinstalled programs

HP bloatware on an HP laptop.

Once you are logged in, you notice that there are many apps and programs on the laptop. For example, there are many simple games and some bloatware programs from HP. An Amazon app is also installed as standard. As a result, a lot of storage space has already been taken in by these apps. It is not that the laptop slows down. Fortunately, it is also possible to remove a lot of this bloatware without problems.

Makes a lot of noise now and then

Photoshop on an HP laptop.

The Pavilion produces a lot of noise when working with heavy software. This can be experienced as annoying. With easy surfing or watching a movie, the sound is not noticeable. If you work with demanding programs, make sure that this laptop produces the necessary sound when you use this software.


Does the laptop have enough useful, fun or essential features? So we look at the connections and the possible video card, but in some cases also to the cooling or logging in with face recognition.

Sufficient connection ports

Sides of an HP laptop with connectors.

With two "standard" usb 3.0 connections, one usb c, and one HDMI connection you have plenty of options to connect external devices such as a mouse, external hard drive and a monitor. There is also room for example to charge your smartphone to one of the usb ports or use the ethernet connection if your Wi-Fi is not working on location. An extra usb port would be nice, but it is not a big loss.


We've had a close look at the booting process and the way programs run. We judge this based on the things the laptop is suitable for, and we compare it to other laptops in the same price range.

An Intel Optane laptop

Intel Core i5 processor sticker.

The HP Pavilion has an eighth generation Intel Core i5 processor and a 1 TB hard drive with 16 GB of Intel Optane memory. This memory should make the operation of the hard disk just as fast as an SSD, which turns out to be partly true.

Intel Optane is not as fast as expected

Windows Explorer opened on an HP laptop.

The Windows 10 login screen is visible on the screen in 15 seconds after switching on. It is true that a start-up program takes longer than with an SSD. Starting up for example Photoshop took this laptop for almost 10 seconds, which is very long. Fortunately, the programs work smoothly after booting thanks to the Core i5 processor, with here and there a little annoying hitch when you ask a lot of the laptop.

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