Written by Caitlin

Improve endurance

If you want to improve your fitness you can use different fitness equipment. We distribute improving your fitness with fitness equipment in 3 different forms of movement. With an exercise bike or spinning bike you make a cycling movement. The crosstrainer and treadmill are a good option if you prefer to make a walking movement. Are you someone who wants to put his whole body to work? Then a rowing machine is a good choice.

Cycling improve your fitness

Improve cycling condition

Cycling is a good way to improve your fitness. By adjusting the resistance levels you challenge yourself during every training session. If you want to improve your fitness in a cycling way, you can opt for an exercise bike when you want to sit upright like a city bike. Choose the spinning bike if you want to cycle more like on a road bike.

Improve your fitness

Improve running condition

Are you someone who likes to walk or run? Then a running way is a good way to improve your condition. When you choose a cross trainer you adjust the resistance to challenge yourself. If you opt for a treadmill, the angle of inclination and speed will improve the condition.

Rowing improve your condition

Improve rowing condition

Rowing is a good way to improve your fitness. You use your entire body so that your stamina is progressing by leaps and bounds. By increasing the intensity of your training you make the workouts heavier.

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