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What's Klickfix?

Klickfix is an attachment system for bike bags. There's an integrated version that comes already attached to the bag, but there's also a separate adapter that you'll need to mount on your bike. In this article, we'll explain what exactly the Klickfix attachment system is, which versions there are, and which bags you should buy a Klickfix adapter for.

What is Klickfix?

Klickfix is an attachment system for all kinds of bike bags. Brands that use it include AGU, Basil, and Vaude. The system allows you to attach your bike bag to your bike and detach it again with 1 click. Good attachment is necessary for your bag to stay firmly attached even after a bump, or to ensure you can carry some heavy groceries in your bag without any worries.

What versions are there?

Side, rear, and front bags often have integrated Klickfix systems mounted to them. Handlebar and seat bags or bike baskets often require you to mount an adapter to your bike. That means when purchasing a bike bag, it's good to know which version you need. Otherwise, when your package arrives, you still won't be able to use the bag.

Which brands use Klickfix?


AGU uses Klickfix as the attachment system for its bike bags. Klickfix is integrated into their rear and side bags, so you can use them right away. AGU's seat and handlebar bags, however, require you to buy and mount a Klickfix adapter beforehand.


Basil uses several attachment systems of its own. However, Basil handlebar bags and baskets with the BasEasy system allow you to use a Klickfix holder, since Basil has a special adapter for this.


For many of Vaude's handlebar bags and some of its seat bags, you'll need a Klickfix adapter. Vaude also has an integrated system of their own for rear, side, and front bags: Quick Mount & Release System. This QMR system allows you to adjust the bike bag's various clamps to your own bike both lengthwise and breadthwise.

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