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What do I do if my lawn mower got wet?

Help! You accidentally left your gas-powered lawn mower out in the rain and it won't turn on anymore. In this article I'll tell you step by step how you might get it to work again.

Step 1: Start the engine

Turning the engine

Try starting the lawn mower's engine. If the engine's not that wet, it might start after a few tries. If it does start, it's best to leave the engine running for a few minutes. The heat the engine produces will dry the internal parts of the engine. Is it not starting? Continue to step 2. Not sure how to start the lawn mower? First read this article:

Step 2: Dry the parts

Spark plug

Now you know the lawn mower wont start, it's important to properly dry your lawn mower's parts. Use a cloth to dry the lawn mower's exterior and remove the spark plug. The spark plug is located at the back of the engine. Carefully dry and clean it. Next, remove the air filter and check if it's wet. Before you replace it or put it back, make sure to check the carburetor. If necessary, spray some starting fluid into the air inlet behind the air filter you just removed to make sure the carburetor will start properly. Let the air filter dry and put it back once it's dry.

Step 3: Check the gasoline

Checking the gasoline

If the last two steps didn't work, check if any water got into the gasoline. Water is heavier than gasoline, so it will gather on the bottom of the tank. Take the gasoline out of the lawn mower and collect it in a jerrycan. Let the gas tank dry. The lawn mower has a small container between the gasoline tank and the engine, to catch the water. Empty the container. Replace the fuel filter, if your lawn mower has one. Next, fill the gas tank with new gasoline. Make sure to take the old gasoline to a recycler or another designated collection point.

Step 4: Check the oil

Checking the oil

After you've checked the gasoline, check the oil. If it looks milky, it contains water. Drain the oil from the lawn mower, then fill the mower with new oil. It's important to replace the oil, since water in the oil will affect the engine's performance because it's not being lubricated properly.

Help! The lawn mower still won't start

If these steps don't work, the air filter might be dirty and in need of replacement. Check if the spark plug is properly secured and press on it firmly. If this doesn't help, the spark plug might be damaged and in need of replacement. Please contact our Customer Service if the lawn mower's engine won't start after following these steps.

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