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3 tips to use the graphing calculator

With a graphing calculator, you can do more than just make mathematical calculations and plot scientific graphs. You can also make use of useful apps and in some cases even play games. We're happy to help you get more out of your graphing calculator than you thought you could with these 3 tips.

Getting started with your graphing calculator

Graphing calculators are needed for mathematics and various scientific courses. In addition to the standard functions, we're happy to give you tips on what else you can do with your calculator. The 3 tips are:

  • Tip 1. Use the exam mode during tests.
  • Tip 2. Game outside of school hours.
  • Tip 3. Do more with words.

Tip 1: use the exam mode during tests

Switching on exam mode

During school exams, it's mandatory to put the graphing calculator in exam mode. Exam mode blocks all apps and notes, so you can't peek into your notes. How you activate the exam mode differs per brand. With some calculators, you can see that the exam mode is activated at a glance. With these calculators, a light will flash or an orange bar will appear at the top of the graphing calculator display.

Tip 2: gaming outside of school hours

Installing a game on the calculator

Do your classmates have a game on their calculator? You can easily transfer the game via a USB cable. Or you can install a game as follows:

  1. Connect your calculator via the USB cable to your PC or laptop.
  2. Install Connect for Texas Instruments calculators and Casio Prizm for Casio calculators.
  3. Search the internet for 'the game' + 'your calculator model' and download the file.
  4. Drag the game files from your PC to Connect or Casio Prizm.
  5. For Texas Instruments, click prgm and for Casio, click EXE.
  6. Enjoy your game, but be sure to pay attention in class.

Tip 3: play with words

writing words on calculator

It's easy to make notes on graphing calculators. You can put these notes on your PC or share them with classmates. In addition to using letters to write words, it's also fun to make words with number combinations. To do this, you type in numbers and turn the calculator upside down. This way, 8 turns into the letter B and 7 turns into an L. For example: 707 + 707 = 1414 turns into lol + lol = hihi when you turn your calculator upside down. Can you make a fun list of number combinations that become words?

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