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3 MacBook lifehacks for pros

Have you been using your MacBook for a while, and are you curious if you can work even more conveniently or efficiently? In this article, you'll find tips and tricks to the most out of your MacBook. How to set an extra DNS server, for example.

Faster Photoshopping


I improve Photoshop's performances by increasing the amount of memory/RAM assigned to Photoshop by my MacBook. I open Photoshop, go to the Memory use section of the preferences screen, and select Performances (via Preferences > Performances). Here I can see how much RAM is available for Photoshop. I use the slider to adjust the memory use. After rebooting the MacBook, I instantly notice the difference! It's recommended to increase the assigned memory in steps of 5%, and to not assign more than 85% to Photoshop. Otherwise, there won't be any memory left for other applications (and I want to be able to listen to some music as well).

Always internet


Slow WiFi? I've set up and extra ('secondary') DNS server at home as a backup for when my provider's server is acting up. My MacBook will automatically switch to the other server, so I won't have to wait. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is basically like a phone book for internet. Every website has its own IP number, and a DNS server monitors which number belongs to which website. There are several popular DNS providers, like OpenNIC (, Google (, or Open DNS ( To change my DNS server, I go to System preferences > Network. I click the Advanced button and go to the DNS tab. I click the plus sign to add a new server. I enter the IP address and drag it to the top of the list. Done!

Always keep your screen on


I occasionally stream a movie from my MacBook to my TV, and to make that work, it can't go to sleep mode. I use a super simple program called Caffeine. If I switch on Caffeine, a coffee cup icon appears in the menu bar at the top of the screen. If the cup is full, the screen stays on. If the cup is empty, my MacBook will go to sleep mode after a while.

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