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Lose weight with an activity tracker

Whether you want to lose weight to improve your endurance or to finally be able to fit in that one pair of jeans again, an activity tracker around your wrist can be a huge help with losing weight. In this article, I'll explain how a tracker can help you shed those excess pounds.

1. Motivation during inactive periods

When your occupation requires you to sit down a lot, it's often hard to get enough exercise. In such cases, a tracker with an inactivity sensor comes in handy. If you've been sitting still for too long, the tracker will vibrate to remind you that it's time to get moving. For example, get your coworkers a cup of coffee a little more often, or go for a walk outside on your break. It's the small habits that help you both attain your target weight and stay at your ideal weight.

2. Setting personal exercise targets the easy way

You can set a personal exercise target on your activity tracker. This target may be based on the number of steps or stairs you've walked or the calories you've burned. When you meet your targets, your tracker will vibrate lightly, or you'll receive a so-called badge on the accompanying app. Motivate yourself by meeting your targets every day and collecting all the badges. When you're losing more weight and getting fitter, you can choose to adjust your targets in order to keep challenging yourself.

3. Getting insight into calories burned

The essence of weight loss is burning more calories than you take in. By exercising more and minding what you eat, your body will start consuming your (fat) reserves. The consequence of this is that you'll lose weight. Choose a tracker that also keeps track of the calories you've burned in order to get a better insight into the number of calories you burn on a given day. Keep track of your diet for an even better overview of your calorie consumption and intake. In addition to your activity tracker, you could also use useful diet apps to help you with this. Think, for example, of My Fitness Pal's 'The Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker'.

4. Restore the balance between rest and activity

With an activity tracker that also measures your sleep, you'll get a complete overview of your night's rest. This matters, since good sleep is essential for an optimal metabolism. Not sleeping deep or long enough can mess up your body's biorhythm. On top of that, you'll be less interested in exercises when you're tired, and you'll have more unhealthy food cravings. You can check your sleep data the next day in the form of insightful graphics and data on the accompanying app. That way, you'll discover what the perfect balance between rest and activity is for you, and you'll lose weight easier.

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