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Losing weight with an exercise bike

Want to lose some weight without having to go to the gym or do a lap on your bike outside all the time? In that case, an exercise bike is a good solution if you want to lose weight. Now, cycling aimlessly for hours won't help. It will neither make you happy, nor your body. With a firm resistance level, you'll burn more calories. During cycling, you'll be training your leg muscles, which means you'll burn more during your resting period. In addition, it helps improve your endurance, too. Below, we'll explain how to lose weight on an exercise bike.

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How many calories will I burn on an exercise bike?

Burning calories on an exercise bike

How many calories you'll burn while cycling on an exercise bike depend on various factors. For example, it's not just your height and weight, but it's also the resistance and the speed of your cycling that matters. An 80-kilogram man will burn around 887 kilocalories an hour cycling on an exercise bike. A 70-kilogram woman will burn around 776 kilocalories an hour cycling on an exercise bike. If you want to lose weight on an exercise bike, it's important that your resistance is set at a good level and that you don't cycle at a pace that's too fast.

What muscles will I be training with an exercise bike?

Muscle training on an exercise bike

During cycling on an exercise bike, you're mainly putting your leg muscles to work. The muscles in your upper legs do the bulk of the work by far. These muscles push the pedals away and provide the speed with which you cycle. When bringing the pedal back up, you use both your calves and your hamstrings. To maintain your speed, it's important that you should sit still. Your glutes ensure you won't slide from side to side across your seat. Finally, you're also training your abs and your lower back. These provide an upright posture during your workout.

Does improved endurance help?

Improving endurance on an exercise bike

When you don't have much endurance yet, you'll notice you won't be able to keep working out for very long. The more you work out, the better your endurance will get. With an improved endurance, you'll be able to endure heavier and longer workouts. This means you'll be burning more during a workout. When your endurance improves, your heart rate will stay lower during your workout as well. A lower heart rate is important for staying in the fat burning zone.

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