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Lose weight on a fitness bike

Losing weight on a fitness bike is definitely possible. The calorie consumption in sprinting is reasonably high. Make sure you don't go too fast, but that your resistance is nice and heavy. By training your leg muscles, you also burn more fat during your rest period. On top of that, you can also increase your general condition and challenge yourself in every training session. These advantages are explained in more detail below.

Burn a lot of calories

How many calories you burn on a fitness bike depends on your height and weight and the intensity of your cycle. An 80-kilogram man burns about 940 calories per hour on a bike. A 70-kilogram woman burns about 822 calories in an hour of sprinting. Your calorie consumption is also higher when you cycle at a heavier resistance with an average pace. When you want to lose weight, it's important that you don't pedal too fast, but mainly build up the resistance. Exercising by the heart rate is also an option. This way, you can monitor how high your heart rate is.

Train multiple muscle groups

The muscles that you train the most with sprinting on the bike are the leg muscles. These muscles logically give you the most power. When pushing the pedals away, you train your thighs. With the upward movement of the pedal, you mainly use your calves and hamstrings. Your glutes are also put to work, so that you don't slide back and forth on your saddle. On top of that, you also train your lower back and abs. These muscle groups are also known as your 'core' and provide good stability while cycling.

Other benefits

Sprinting on a bike has several advantages. In addition to training the muscle groups and the high calorie consumption, your general condition also improves enormously. You can quickly notice progress when cycling, because you notice you can cycle for longer. Your lung capacity increases and your circulation improves, so you're no longer out of breath. On top of that, it's also mentally challenging. Can you climb just a little longer, or with a little bit more resistance?

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