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Losing weight with a treadmill

Walking and running are 2 good ways to lose weight. But when the weather is bad or you are in a hurry, it is less pleasant to go outside. You do not have to go out for walking on the treadmill and you can challenge yourself again every training session. With a high slope you burn more calories. In addition, you also train all the muscles in your legs, so you burn more fat during your rest period. Moreover, you also get a very strong condition. Below you will find the benefits of losing weight with a treadmill.

How do you burn a lot of calories on a treadmill?

Calories burn treadmill

How many calories you burn while walking on a treadmill depends on multiple factors. This is how it differs per speed and the percentage of the slope. Your height and weight also play a major role. A man weighing 80 kilos burns about 834 kilocalories per hour at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. A 70-kilo woman burns about 730 kilocalories per hour at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. When you want to lose weight on a treadmill, it is important that you raise the slope a bit higher and your walking speed is not too high.

Which muscles do I train on a treadmill?

Muscles train treadmill

The more muscle mass you have, the more fat you burn at rest. While walking on a treadmill, you mainly train your leg muscles. Your thigh muscles have the strength to push your legs well away from the market. You tighten your hamstrings after your sales when you bring your lower leg to your buttocks. You butt your buttocks to keep your hips straight so that there is not too much pressure on your groin. When landing, you tighten the calf muscles. Your back and abdominal muscles are also put to work. These muscles keep your upper body stable, so that you have a good posture while walking.

Does training on heart rate help with losing weight?

Heartbeat train treadmill

If you want more insight into your training, you can use a heart rate monitor. This gives you the option to train in different heart rate zones. Each heart rate zone has its own function. If you want to lose weight, it is important that you remain within the fat burning zone. This is the most accurate measure with a heart rate monitor.

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