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How do I lubricate the brew group of my Philips or Saeco?

In addition to cleaning, it's also important to grease the brewing group of your Philips or Saeco every month. The moving parts of the brewing group will remain flexible and wear less easily. In this article, I'll explain how to do this.

Clean first

Before you can start lubricating, you should always make sure that the brew group is completely free of coffee grounds and oil residue. You can do so, by rinsing it under the faucet. Next, you let the brew group air dry. You're now ready to get started.

Step 1: grease grooves

lubricating brew group

Lubricate the tracks on both sides of the group with a generous and even layer of grease.

Step 2: grease the axle and the connecting piece

lubricating brew group

Lubricate the axle and the connector piece. Use approximately the same amount of lubricant as you used on the grooves.

Put the brew group back in the machine. Once you hear it click, it's been placed correctly.

Which lubricant do you choose?

It's best to use a tube or jar of lubricant or silicone grease for espresso machines. Philips/Saeco recommends using their lubricant. You received a tube of this when you purchased the machine. This lubricant is hygienic and has no influence on the smell or taste of your coffee.

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