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How do you maintain a gasoline hedge trimmer?

A gas-powered hedge trimmer helps you keep your hedges and other flora in good shape. By properly maintaining your hedge trimmer, you'll enjoy it for longer and keep the blades sharp. In this article, you can read the steps to keeping your gas-powered hedge trimmer in excellent condition.

Cleaning and greasing

  • When cutting, twigs and leaves are chewed up by your hedge trimmer's blades. In addition, sap from the plants will end up on the blades. The sap will cause the blades to rust more quickly. Each time after you're done cutting, make sure to remove the dirt with a hard nylon brush and clean the blades with rubbing alcohol.
  • Planning to cut 1 or multiple hedges that are infested with mold or caterpillars? Disinfect the blades after each plant, so you won't spread the infestation to other plants. Keep your own safety in mind during cleaning. Always wear work gloves.
  • Grease the blades using a lubricant spray after every use. That way, you'll prevent rust and keep the plant saps from sticking to the blades.


In order to trim your hedges neatly, you need sharp blades. In addition, hedge trimming will go lot smoother and faster with sharp blades. How often you'll have to sharpen the blades depends on the types of vegetation you're cutting. Obviously, it also has to do with how often you'll trim the hedges. Sharpening a hedge trimmer is a challenging and very meticulous job.

Air filter

A clogged or dirty air filter can lead to the hedge trimmer engine overheating. That's why you should regularly check if the filter is still clean. There are different types of air filters that all have to be cleaned in different ways. You can read which air filter your device uses and how to clean it in the manual.

Spark plug

A spark plug is part of the ignition system. When a spark plug is dirty or damaged, your gas-powered hedge trimmer won't start. Regularly clean the spark plug with a steel brush and replace it every 3 to 4 years.

Getting it ready for winter

Storing your hedge trimmer for a longer period? Be sure to follow these steps:

  • Drain all the gasoline from the hedge trimmer.
  • Switch on the hedge trimmer until it stops to be sure no fuel is left in it.
  • Thoroughly clean the blades and grease them.
  • Store the hedge trimmer in a dry place.

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