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How do you maintain a gasoline lawn mower?

A gasoline lawn mower requires more maintenance than an electric or battery-operated lawnmower. Do you want to know how you do this? Read that the article below.

Safety precautions

Safety precautions

Before you start maintenance, you will always wait until the blade of the lawn mower is completely stationary. Then you remove the spark plug. If you do not do this, there is a chance that the motor will restart automatically by turning the blade. This way serious accidents can happen. Put on work gloves for your own protection and let the machine cool down sufficiently. Every lawnmower has extra safety measures, so always read the safety tips in the manual.

1. Remove the grass from the machine

Grass contains acids that are harmful to the lawnmower; therefore clean the lawn mower after each use. Remove the grass from the top with a sweeper or cloth and remove the grass from the blade with a shovel or hard brush.

2. Check the oil

Checking the oil

It is harmful to run the engine with too little oil. Therefore, check the oil level before every mowing session. Also change the oil regularly. It differs per lawn mower for how many hours you change the oil. In the case of four-stroke lawn mowers, you change the oil the first time after about 5 working hours and then every 25 hours. Look in the manual for the recommended number of hours for your specific type of lawn mower. Let the lawnmower run for a moment before you get the oil out. Then the oil flows more easily. Make sure there is always oil in the machine, even if you store it in the winter. The oil ensures that the lawnmower does not rust or condense from the inside.

3. Empty the fuel tank

Empty the petrol tank at the end of the season or if you do not use it for 2 to 3 months. The carburettor gets clogged over time by particles that settle if you do not. Do not use leftover petrol that you have left over from the previous summer, gasoline is only kept for a limited period.

4. Check the blade

Look under the machine if the knife is still in balance and sharp. For an optimum mowing result, sharpen the knives once a year. Also sharpen the blade if it is severely damaged.

A mowing knife that is out of balance will vibrate and lead to premature wear of the motor. To check whether the knife is still in balance, balance the knife on a screwdriver. When the knife leans to one side, you sharpen the knife on the other side to balance it out again. Of course you can also replace the knife.

5. Clean the air filter

Clean the air filter

A lawnmower works less efficiently and loses power with a clogged air filter. It is therefore important to clean these regularly. You can easily clean a paper filter. Rinse a filter in mousse with petrol and moisten with oil. Read the manual for the instructions for your specific air filter. Do not forget to clean the filter compartment immediately.

6. Check the spark plug

Check spark plug

Clean the spark plug with a wire brush. Then check whether the distance of the electrodes is properly adjusted. If the distance is greater, the spark of the spark plug increases. You optimize the efficiency of the engine when the distance is just right. Measure the distance of the electrodes and adjust them with a screwdriver. The manufacturer's manual tells you exactly how to do this. The spark plug must be replaced after about 3 years.

7. Save

Store the lawnmower in a dry environment after use. Humidity causes parts to oxidize or break down. Therefore, do not leave the lawn mower outside in the rain and do not mow in the rain. This is also not good for your lawn. Did you accidentally leave your petrol lawnmower in the rain? Then follow the tips in the following article:

8. Other checks

In addition to these activities, it is also good to check whether certain parts need to be oiled. Oil prevents rust and allows the parts to run smoothly. Also check that all screws are still tight and have not been loosened after many mowing.

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