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Making cappuccino with a milk reservoir

You can make a cappuccino quickly and easily with a fully automatic espresso machine with an integrated milk container. With 1 push of a button, it is ready for you. In this case, you don't have to froth milk separately or prepare an espresso to make a cappuccino. Read below how this works exactly and what you can pay attention to.

Step 1: Filling the milk container

fill milk container with milk

In the first instance, make sure that you fill the milk container with milk. This is extra easy when it's removable. You can also put the milk container back in the fridge in the meantime. What you can still pay attention to is the contents of the milk container. The more spacious it is, the more cappuccinos you can make at the same time, without having to refill the reservoir. Tip: use long-life milk for firm milk froth. Here you can read why:

Step 2: Compile your coffee recipe

compile a coffee recipe

You can choose from a variety of pre-programmed drinks, for example a cappuccino, latte macchiato, or a latte. You also have the option to only make milk froth. With some machines, you can adjust the amount of milk and espresso exactly to your personal wishes. If you have an espresso machine with personally adjustable profiles, you can compile your own recipe and save it under your own name. If you immediately do this for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or mother, you can also make their favorite coffee from now on. Do keep in mind there's a maximum number of adjustable profiles.

Step 3: Preparing the cappuccino

make cappuccino with a milk container

The espresso machine has an entire preparation process to make a cappuccino. All you have to do with a regular machine is press the button. The correct proportions for a latte macchiato are already pre-programmed. Nice and easy. There are fully automatic machines with which you can make 2 cappuccinos at the touch of a button. This can come in handy when you have visitors on the floor. With an espresso machine with a double boiler or double thermoblock, you can quickly make several cappuccinos after each other.

Step 4: Cleaning the milk system

Clean the milk container

The milk system of a fully automatic espresso machine must be cleaned regularly. This prevents sour milk residues. There are espresso machines with an automatic cleaning program. Or the machine guides you through the cleaning process in steps. You do need a special milk system cleaner for cleaning. It varies per brand and model number of the espresso machine which cleaner you use for this.

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