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Metabo KGS 216 M vs Metabo KS 216 M

You are looking for a good cut-off saw for all your sawing jobs, but the choice in this area is enormous. Fortunately, you have already reduced the possibilities to the Metabo KGS216M and the Metabo KS216M. Both sawing machines that do not disappoint the fanatical do-it-yourselfer and the professional. Although these trimming saws have many similarities in all their solidity, there are still a number of differences that can determine your choice. Exactly what these differences are and what this has consequences for the use of the crosscut saw, I tell you in this article.

Which cut-off saw do you choose?

Metabo KGS 216 M Metabo KS 216 M
You want to see deep in the material. Yes No
The crosscut saw must be suitable for wide workpieces. Yes No
You go for the crosscut with the highest power. Yes No
A low weight and compact size is a requirement. No Yes

Cutting range

Cutting range Metabo KGS216M

Saw up to 65 millimeters deep

As the name suggests, both trimming saws are equipped with a saw blade with a diameter of 216 millimeters. Nevertheless, the range of the Metabo KGS216M is slightly larger than that of the KS216M, which can also be seen in a higher power of 1500 watts. You saw at a right angle up to a maximum of 65 millimeters deep. If you tilt the saw head to make miter cuts, the blade will reach a depth of 36 millimeters.

Cutting range Metabo KS216M

Saw up to 60 millimeters deep

Although 5 millimeters is a small difference, it is good to know that the Metabo KS216M cuts a little less deep up to a maximum of 60 millimeters than its large counterpart. This can just make the difference in the choice of wooden beams that you are going to edit. On the other hand, the KS216M cuts deeper into a 47 ° slant angle, namely up to 45 millimeters. And speaking about it in corners, the scale on the two cut-off saws is very precise, so that you fit your material to the craziest corners, such as around a radiator. The power of the KS216M is 1350 watts.

Cutting width

Cutting width Metabo KGS216M

Cut wide workpieces to size

The Metabo KGS216M has a pulling function and the possibility of table widening. This makes the crosscut saw suitable for cutting larger workpieces with a maximum width of 305 millimeters at a right angle. If you are going to carry out projects that require broad shelves, such as making a wooden terrace or garden house, then you do not have to wonder with the KGS216M whether this is possible. Due to the extra support that the two extendable frames on the side offer in combination with the material clamps, wide planks or large sheet material remain stable while you let the saw blade do its work. This way you also carry out larger sawing jobs in a safe way.

Cutting width Metabo KS216M

Suitable for narrow slats and beams

The maximum cutting width of the Metabo KS216M with a diameter of 120 millimeters at a right angle is considerably smaller than that of the Metabo KGS216M crosscut saw. This is enough for cutting to size relatively narrow workpieces, such as laminate, skirting, window frames and frames. But due to the absence of a pull function and table widening, the cutting width of the trimming machine is limited. If this is not a problem for your planned jobs, then the KS216M has a slightly more compact saw that is powerful enough to cut quickly and accurately.


Transport of Metabo KGS216M

Metabo KGS216M: slightly heavier due to extra functions

The additional functions of the KGS216M bring the crosscut saw to a weight of 14 kilograms. Heavier than the KS216M, but because this model is equipped with a handle and the saw head can be folded down, it is easy to move within the workspace. Also transporting the crosscut saw, by lifting it with your other tools in the van, is very simple.

Transportation of Metabo KS216M

Metabo KS216M: no tensile function but light weight

The absence of a pull function and table widening at the KS216M makes the trimming saw logically slightly lighter than its big brother. With 9 kilograms, the handy handle and the foldable saw head, you can also easily move this trimming saw from floor to floor with 1 hand, to provide each room with matching laminate or frames.


For the fanatic do-it-yourselfer or professional who do not settle for a crosscut saw designed for sporadic use, both trimming saws leave nothing to be desired. Both the KGS216M and the KS216M can be adjusted in great detail, so that you can deliver accurate work to the millimeter. They also both have a laser guide, dust extraction, LED lighting and the saw head is tiltable. The big difference is in the range of the crosscut saw. If you already know that you will not be working on wide planks, floorboards or other large materials, the Metabo KS216M is the best choice for you. But if you do not want to be limited in the workpieces that your crosscut saw can handle, then choose the slightly larger Metabo KGS216M.

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