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What is NoFrost?

You must've come across the NoFrost function in your search for a new fridge or freezer. A few questions arise: what exactly is NoFrost, do I need it, and what are the advantages? The function is undoubtedly very handy. I'll tell you what it is and why it's so handy in this article.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of NoFrost?

No Frost freezers

A No Frost freezer is slightly more expensive to purchase, but has a number of big advantages. The biggest advantage is that you never have to defrost the freezer again. Are you curious about all the advantages and disadvantages?

What is LowFrost?

Low Frost technology

Sometimes, a fridge or freezer has LowFrost rather than NoFrost. Some brands also call this SmartFrost. LowFrost does exactly what its name suggests; it decreases ice and frost buildup in the freezer compartment. How? Through evaporator tubes in the freezer. This means you'll only have to defrost the freezer once in a while, and that it's easier and faster do so.

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