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Everything on the Oculus Go

To get started with VR gear, you always needed 1 of 2 things: a good PC or a fast smartphone. With the arrival of the stand-alone Oculus Go, this is a thing of the past! On this page, you can read all the news and facts about the Oculus Go.

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2560x1440 Fast switch LCD | No PC or mobile phone required | Including touch controller (1x)
no longer available
  • Built-in speakers let you immerse yourself in VR
  • Stand alone: ​​no powerful PC or smartphone necessary
  • Suitable for well-known apps like Netflix and Facebook
  • Only head tracking, no positional tracking
  • No adjustable lenses

Expert Review

We have tested the Oculus Go for you! Do you want to know if the Oculus Go is the VR glasses for you? Then read our review quickly!

What is the Oculus Go?

Playing Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is the latest VR headset from Oculus and Facebook. The VR glasses stand out for two reasons: the Oculus Go stands alone, without an external telephone or computer and is therefore very easy to use. With a price tag of around 200 euros, the Go is a low-threshold introduction to the possibilities of VR.

Why do I want the Oculus Go?

VR gaming together

With the Oculus Go you dive into the world of virtual reality, without having to empty the battery of your phone or upgrade your PC to support the graphics. You simply place the Oculus Go with its breathable material on your head and you get to work. What can I do with it? Well, everything. 360 degree videos from, for example, watching a concert, playing games and other apps and setting up your virtual home, everything is possible.

1000 apps

Apps Oculus Go

With passive VR glasses, the shortage of good VR games and apps is the elephant in the room. Fortunately our friend Zuckerberg has learned from that and there are more than 1000 apps, games and films available since the launch of the Oculus Go. Which movie would you like to see in VR? The editors see something in a 360 degree version of Jurassic World.

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