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The coffee from my Philips or Saeco is watery

If the coffee from your Saeco or Philips machine is too watery, or if the machine only emits water, this can have various causes. Read how you can easily solve this, so that you can quickly enjoy a cup of coffee again. This article applies to all Saeco and Philips fully automatic espresso machines.

Possible causes

  1. You are using the machine for the first time.
  2. The brew group is dirty or needs to be lubricated.
  3. The coffee funnel is clogged with coffee grit.
  4. The grinding degree is too coarse.
  5. The aroma setting is set too low.
  6. The Memo function is set to an incorrect amount of coffee.
  7. The SBS button is closed (Exprelia or Xelsis machines).
  8. There are coffee beans stuck under the bean container.

1. You use the machine for the first time

It is normal that the first cups of coffee are somewhat watery. This is because the machine is still busy adjusting the amount of water automatically. After putting 5 to 7 cups of coffee, the machine should be properly adjusted.

2. The brew group is dirty or needs to be lubricated

If you have been using the machine for a while, it may be that the brew group is dirty or needs to be lubricated. The dirt or lack of lubrication ensures that the brew group does not move smoothly anymore. A consequence is that the coffee is not put in the right way. To solve this, clean the brewing unit thoroughly and coat the moving parts with a layer of silicone grease.

3. The coffee funnel is clogged with coffee grit

If the coffee funnel to the brew group is partially or completely blocked, there is not enough ground coffee in the brew group. The blockage is in most cases caused by accumulated coffee grit. You unblock the brew group by removing the coffee grit with the back of a spoon. \ N \ n1. Turn off the machine. \ N2. Remove the brew group. \ N3. Insert the back of a spoon into the pre-ground coffee compartment. This is the top of the coffee funnel. If your machine does not have an option for adding pre-ground coffee, then 6. place the back of the spoon through the bottom of the coffee funnel. This is the opening where the top of the brewing unit makes contact with the machine. \ N4. Move the spoon back and forth to loosen and remove the coffee grit. Continue until all the coffee grit has been removed and the funnel has stopped. \ N5. Remove the loosened coffee grit and replace the brewing unit.

4. The grinding degree is too coarse

If your coffee tastes too watery or too weak, it can be that the grinding degree is set too coarsely. Set the grinding degree to a finer grinding level with the knob in the bean container. Note: the grinding degree can only be set when the machine grinds coffee beans.

  1. Place a cup under the coffee spout.
  2. Press the espresso button to make a cup of coffee.
  3. The grinding degree button is located in the bean container. When the machine starts grinding, set the grind grade key to the grinding degree knob.
  4. Press the key down slightly and turn the key 1 step to the left or to the right to select the desired setting.

6. The Memo function is set to an incorrect amount of coffee

With the Memo function you adjust the amount of coffee from the coffee button. If the coffee is too watery, it is possible that the Memo function is set to too large a quantity of coffee. In this case, set the Memo function to a smaller amount. \ N \ n1. Press the appropriate buttons on your machine to enter the Memo mode. Which buttons you have to press for this differs per model. Look in the manual which buttons are on your espresso machine. \ N2. When you enter the correct mode you will see the word \ "Memo " appear on the display of your machine. \ N3. The machine starts by setting the selected coffee. \ N4. When the desired amount of coffee has been set, stop the process by pressing the 'OK' button or the programming button.

7. The SBS button is closed

This step is only applicable to Exprelia or Xelsis machines. Make sure the SBS button is open by turning it to the middle position. The SBS button is the large round dial in the middle of your machine.

8. There are coffee beans stuck under the bean container

This step is only applicable to GranBaristo or Moltio machines. When coffee beans get jammed between or under the bean container, it is possible that too few beans fall into the grinder. Remove the bean container from the machine and remove all coffee residues with a damp tea towel. Make sure that both the machine and the bottom of the bean container are completely free of coffee residues. Reinstall the bean container.

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