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Rumor: Everything on the PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Now that the PlayStation 4 Pro has been on the market for a while, and the CPU and GPU technology has greatly improved, it seems the time has come for a new console from the blue camp. The online rumor mill has been sharing the craziest, most awesome, and most reliable rumors about the arrival of the PS5.


It will probably take some time before we can put the new PlayStation on our TV cabinets. Until that time arrives, I'll keep you updated on what my little birds on the internet have to say about the latest Sony console, the PS5.


PS5 controller looks like PS4 controller

Sony has officially announced that the new controllers will be provided with haptic (tangible) feedback. The controllers will also receive triggers with resistance that adapts to the game you play. In terms of appearance, the controllers are very similar to the current DualShock V2 controller.

Rumor #1: Backwards compatibility

The evolution of Solid Snake

Something PlayStation fans have been complaining about since the launch of the PS4 is the lack of backwards compatibility. This may be present on the PS5. That's nice to hear, since it means you can easily take your digital game library to the new Sony console via your PS account!

Rumor #2: No E3 for Sony

PlayStation on E3

Many news outlets have confirmed the following: Sony won't show itself on the E3 trade show in 2019. This doesn't only mean that there won't be a show, there also won't be a booth. This is interesting for the PS5, since this probably means Sony wants to launch the successor of the PS4 during an event of their own so they'll be in the spotlight during that strategic moment. All in all, our editors are very curious about the surprises Sony is preparing for us.

Rumor #3: The shape

PS5 design

The shape of the PlayStation 5 may have been leaked. A patent application was placed by Sony for the shape of a console that can be seen here. This image was made by Let's Go Digital. So it's possible that this futuristic shape is the shape of the PS5. For now we'll just have to wait.

Rumor #4: Powerful hardware

Ryzen processor

The internet is full of enthusiasm after a known leaker, who also predicted that Sony on E3 wouldn't happen, shared some juicy details. This user, "RuthenicCookie", claims the PS5 will have a special Ryzen 8 core processor and that with this generation, Sony will actually reach 4K at 60 fps. Lots of gamers see this as the holy grail of gaming. In addition, there are rumors that the new Playstation 8K will support gaming. Bring it on!

Rumor # 5: Cheating

Assassins Creed puzzle

Many gamers know the feeling: you're at a dead end and you have no idea what to do next. Some gamers see it as a challenge to look until they find the answer. But there are many players who simply check out a YouTube tutorial. There is a rumor that Sony is going to launch PlayStation Assist on the PS5. It'll provide in-game instructions if you want, so you no longer have to go to YouTube.

Rumor #6: it's coming, it's coming

Ok, it's not completely sure, but Sony CEO Yoshida Kenichiro mentioned during an interview with the Financial times that 'new hardware' is needed. This isn't exactly an actual confirmation, but it's enough to say that a possible announcement is coming. If the green camp comes with news, Sony can't make us wait very much longer either.


Apart from the rumors, there are also a couple of subjects that we can speculate about with our knowledge of the past. What do I expect of the new Sony PlayStation?

Processing power

Potential design PS5 2

When a new console is launched, the question is always how much faster the new console is. Manufacturer AMD let slip that they thought of something very special for the PS5 specs: an 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU. AMD would stop a graphics card with the name Radeon Navi that supports ray tracing. We can definitely assume that the new console will be improved graphically speaking, and supports high resolutions. There will also be an SSD that is about 20 times faster than the hard disk in your PS4. Exciting!

Console War

Possible design PS5 controller

As you probably know, Sony and Microsoft are starting the new generation in a fierce battle: who will win the console war? This generation is dominated by the PS4, but who knows, Microsoft may have something special planned. The console war is fought in various fields, for instance with the exclusives, graphics, and, very importantly, the price of the consoles. The PS5 controllers are also characteristic for the console, so we'll probably see some interesting things there.

Release date PS5

potential design ps5

The PlayStation 5 will be released in 2020, during the holiday season. Make a note in your calendar that the new PlayStation 5 will launch in December next year. According to rumors, the price is going to be around € 500.

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