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Everything on the PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Now that the word is out about the PlayStation 5, we know what the console from Sony will look like. There has also been a lot of talk about the hardware in it. An explosion of rumors is already hitting the internet with the craziest, coolest, and pretty believable info on the launch of the PS5. We'll list the latest news on this page.

PS5: this is what it looks like

PS5 appearance

The PlayStation 5 is white with black and has a modern design. The PS5 also has a blue LED strip. Because of this, the console has a futuristic look, like it's an object straight out of a Marvel movie. During the presentation, the PlayStation has only been shown standing up, so we assume that it's intended to be used standing up. The size of the PS5 is 390x104x260mm, so it's sightly taller and wider than the PS4 Pro, which was 327x55x295mm.


PS5 controller looks like PS4 controller

Sony officially announced that the new DualSense controllers will have haptic (noticeable) feedback. The controllers will also have dynamic trigger effects. These are triggers with resistance that adapt to the game you're playing. When it comes to appearance, the controllers look a bit like the current DualShock V2 controller. The name of the controller is DualSense, like a successor of the current DualShock 4. You can still use your PS4 controller on the PS5, just not while gaming.

Digital Edition

PS5 design Digital Edition

The PS5 will be available as Digital Edition. That means there is no CD tray and you have to download your games on the console. This way, you don't have a pile of games on your TV cabinet. But you'll have to make choices to prevent a full storage.

Backwards compatibility

Backwards compatible

Something that PlayStation fans have been complaining about since the launch of the PS4 is the lack of backwards compatibility. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 console is backwards compatible, which means you can easily transfer your digital game library to the new Sony console via your PS account. This way, you can play PS4 games you bought digitally on the PS5. In addition, you can also insert physical PS4 disks in the PS5 to play these games.


Ryzen processor

The PlayStation 5 has an RDNA 2 architecture GPU by AMD that achieves a maximum speed of 2.23GHz. You can play 4K images with a maximum refresh rate of 120 frames per second. In addition, the PS5 has a CPU and an SSD that ensure games load up to 20 times faster than on the PlayStation 4. It also comes with 16GB RAM and support for 3D sound.

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