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Advice on cleaning your pool

You've bought a pool and you're very happy with it. It's important that you should stay that way. The quality of the pool water and the lifespan of your pool depend on how you purify the water and your pool. On this page, we'll give you some cleaning tips that will help you enjoy your pool for as long as possible.

1. How can I enjoy a clean pool for as long as possible?

Prevention is better than the cure. The same is true for cleaning a pool. If you plan to use a pool for a long time, there are a number of useful accessories to consider that increase the lifespan of your pool.

Cleaning sets

Pool net

With a cleaning set, you get a number of essential items for easy cleaning of the pool. The cleaning sets we offer can include the following accessories:

  • Skimmer: removes surface debris.
  • Pool vacuum
  • Pool net
  • Brush
  • Thermometer
  • Chlorine floater.
  • Testing kit to measure the water's pH value

Pool cover

You can safeguard the quality of the pool water with a pool cover. That prevents debris like leaves and insects from ending up in the water. A cover also protects the material of the pool and prevents algae growth. It helps maintain the water temperature. That's good if you plan to take an early-morning dive.

  • You put it directly on the water and it maintains the water temperature.
  • Protects the pool water against outside debris.
  • You first have to remove the cover before you can use the pool.

Automatic cleaning

Depending on the size of the pool and the frequency with which you use it, there are a number of cleaning options. If you make frequent use of your pool, a pool pump is a good solution. It filters out contaminants from the water and keeps the pool water clean.

2. Do I need a pool pump?

The choice for a pool pump depends on how often you use the pool and how much water fits in your pool. Smaller pools like inflatable baby pools and children's pools generally don't need a pool pump. These pools don't hold a lot of water, so it's better to frequently change the water yourself.

Pool pumps from 183cm

Pool pump from 183cm

A pool pump is relevant for pools with a diameter starting at 183 centimeters. Some pools have either a cartridge filter or a sand filter pump. These pumps differ in the way they clean the water. A cartridge filter pump contains a paper filter that you'll have to change every 2 weeks. A sand filter pump filters the water using sand or glass beads, taking out anything the size of a grain of sand. Before getting a pool pump, you should check the diameter of the hose and the input. There are 2 different kinds of filter pumps and we have made lists of the pros and cons for both below.

Kinds of filter pumps

Cartridge filter pump

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replace the paper filter
  • Good value for money
  • The filter has to be replaced every 2 weeks.
  • Barely stops the growth of algae.

Sand filter pump

  • Filters the smallest pieces of dirt the size of a grain of sand.
  • Cleans pool water via sand or glass in a natural way.
  • Durable in terms of maintenance, because you only have to replace the sand after 5 years.
  • Relatively expensive to buy
  • Installing a sand filter pump takes a little more time.

3. Which pool pump is suitable for my pool?

Which pool pump is suitable for your pool, depends on the capacity of your pool. How many liters of water does it hold? That's an important question when buying a filter pump. Below, we'll show you how to calculate how many liters a pool holds based on a certain diameter. Based on that calculation, you'll be able to decide which pool pump is most suitable for your pool. The hoses of the filter pumps in our assortment come in 2 different sizes, 32 and 38 millimeters. Keep that in mind before installing a filter pump.

Calculating pump capacity

The rule for pool pumps is: the lower the pump capacity, the longer it will need to run. There are different types of pool pumps with different types of filters. How high the pump capacity should be, can be determined based on the capacity of the pool That capacity is expressed in m3 or liters. The capacity in m3 can be calculated with different formulas depending on the shape (be sure to calculate everything using meters!):

  • Round: diameter x diameter x height x 0.78
  • Rectangular: length x width x height
  • Oval: length x width x height x 0.89

Want to know the capacity in liters? Use the formulas above and multiply the result with 1,000 (1m3 = 1,000l).

Round swimming pools

Diameter (cm) Height (cm) m3 Capacity (liters)
183 51 1 1,332
244 76 4 3529
305 76 6 5,515
366 76 8 7,941
396 76 9 9,296
457 84 14 13,684
457 107 17 17,431
457 122 20 19,874
488 122 23 22,662
549 132 31 3,1032
122 29 2,8681
732 132 55 55,168

Rectangular swimming pools

Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) m3 Capacity (liters)
30 20 75 0.5 45
122 122 30 0.4 447
220 150 60 2 1,980
260 160 65 3 2,704
450 220 84 8 8,316
549 274 132 20 19,856
732 366 132 35 35,364
975 488 132 63 62,806

Pump capacity

Pool diameter (cm) Pump capacity Number of liters Number of active pump hours per day
244 1,250 2,419 1.9
305 1,250 3,853 3.1
366 2,271 5,621 2.4
366 2,271 6,734 2.9
457 3,407 10,681 3.3
457 3,407 12,430 3.6
457 3,407 14,141 4.2

4. You've chosen a pool pump with filter. Which filter do you need?

In order to keep your pool clean, we recommend replacing the filter every 2 weeks. Switch off the filter pump before replacing the filter. The filters for filter pumps come in 2 types:

Type A: suitable for filter pumps:

  • Intex filter pump 2,271 liter/hour (diameter hose: 32mm)
  • Intex filter pump 3,470 liter/hour (diameter hose: 32mm)
  • Intex filter pump 5,678 liter/hour (diameter hose: 38mm)

Type H: suitable for filter pumps:

  • Intex filter pump 1,250 liter/hour (diameter hose: 32mm)

5. Which other (cleaning) accessories are available?

Accidents happen. The same is true for a small hole in your pool. Luckily, there are many possibilities for carrying out small repairs yourself. Using a repair kit for instance. It contains a tube of glue and a sheet of transparent foil to patch a small leak.

Bubble wrap

You put this bubble wrap on the pool water. The material lets the sun's heat through and raises the water temperature. The bubble wrap is made of durable polyethylene.

  • Put it directly on the pool water and maintain the water temperature.
  • Protects the pool water from outside debris.
  • You have to remove the bubble wrap before you can use the pool.

Ground cloth

When placing a pool, it's important that you place it on an even, horizontal surface. A ground cloth protects the bottom and the pool's material.

  • Keep the ground under the pool intact and protect the pool's material.
  • Is made from a durable material that feels soft.
  • Is more visible because of its size.

Chemical cleaning

In addition to natural ways to clean your pool, you have the option to clean it chemically. Chlorine disinfects pool water. A chlorine floater automatically mixes the added chlorine tablets with the water in a gradual way. The device prevents children from coming in direct contact with the tablets. Install the chlorine floater between the filter system and the return jet and keep the pool water clean for a long time. Note: we don't sell chlorine tablets separately.

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