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Tips after purchase: Own brand cartridges

With private brand cartridges you can print cheaply and easily. Installing your own branded cartridges in your printer works in most cases the same as with original cartridges. Are you running into something? On these pages you will find some tips for placing your new private label cartridges.

In short

What are you going to do? Ensure that your private label cartridges are recognized by your printer
Which printer is this explanation suitable for? Every printer
What do you need? A printer, one or more private label cartridges and a cotton swab or dry cloth
How long does it take? Depending on the solution between 2 and 10 minutes

Place your cartridge

Place the cartridge

You can place your own brand ink cartridges in the same way that you place an original cartridge. It works differently for each brand and type of printer.

  1. Open the cover of your printer. The cartridges come forward. If you do not see the cartridges, look in the menu of your printer to see if there is a "cartridge replaced" option. Choose this option. You will now see the ink cartridges appear.
  2. Remove the old cartridges by carefully lifting them up. Make sure you do not mess with ink on your clothes or desk!
  3. Remove protective material from your own branded cartridges and place them in the right place in the printer. Make sure you snap the cartridge in properly.

Appearance of the cartridge

Appearance private label cartridge

Because a private brand cartridge is not made by the manufacturer of your printer, it sometimes looks different from the original cartridge. For example, the private label cartridge has a different packaging and the color of the outside of the cartridge itself can be different than you are used to. The shape of the cartridges can also differ slightly from the original version. Do not worry, the private label cartridge just fits in your printer. Press the cartridge firmly so that the cartridge clicks and your printer recognizes the cartridge.

My printer prints empty pages

If the printer prints blank pages, it is probably because old ink is stuck in the print head or nozzles. This can easily be solved by performing the following steps:

  1. Open the settings of the printer via the display of your printer.
  2. Swipe to "Maintenance" or "Settings."
  3. Select 'Clean print head' or 'Check spray channels'. The option you choose differs per printer.
  4. The printer will make some sounds and then starts cleaning the print head or spray channels. This process ensures that any blockages are resolved.

Printer does not recognize the cartridge

  1. Sometimes a printer gives an error message such as "no original cartridge" or "cartridge incompatible". That's because the manufacturer of your printer wants you to use original accessories. In most cases you can click this error message by pressing 'previous' or 'OK'.
  2. If you use the printer for the first time, you may have to make a print with an original cartridge first. Place the standard cartridges (supplied) and print a page from your laptop, PC or smartphone. Then replace the original ink cartridges with your new own brand cartridges.
  3. Check if you have ordered the right cartridge. There are many different cartridge lines and numbers for all brands of printers. Look at the number of the own brand cartridge and compare it with the original cartridge.
  4. Check whether you have removed any protective material such as a protective cap or piece of tape.
  5. You may need to update the firmware of your printer. You do this by going to the settings (settings) on the printer, then to 'printer update' or 'product update' and then choose 'check product update' or 'update'. Go through the steps and let the printer update itself.
  6. Check that the metal contacts of the cartridge are clean (usually at the back or bottom). If necessary, you can gently clean them with a soft dry cloth.

Problems during or after installation

You now have the right to let your printer recognize your new cartridges. Are you still running into something? Check out our advice pages on how to solve the problem. For example, how you can prevent stripes during printing or how to solve paper jam.

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