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How do you resolve an error message when installing a Pixeljet cartridge?

Your printer doesn't recognize the private label cartridge, but you still want to use it. In this article, we'll give you 9 tips that make the printer recognize the cartridge.

Tip 1: hide the error message on click

Sometimes, a printer will display an error such as No original cartridge or Cartridge not compatible. That is because the manufacturer of your printer prefers that you use original accessories. In most cases, you can make the error message go away by clicking 'previous' or 'OK'.

Tip 2: check the cartridge

Check if you have the right cartridge. There are different cartridge series and numbers for all brands of printers. Check the number of the Pixeljet cartridge and compare it to the original cartridge. These have to be the same.

Tip 3: restart the printer

Sometimes, it can help if you restart the printer. Does the printer still not recognize your cartridge? Leave the printer off for 30 minutes and then turn it on again.

Tip 4: Reinstall the cartridge

Remove the cartridge from the printer and reinsert it. Make sure you click the cartridge firmly into place so that it fits securely. It's possible your printer doesn't recognize the cartridge if it's not properly attached. This is why the cartridge contacts have to make contact with the printer.

Tip 5: make a print with the original cartridge

If you're using the printer for the first time, you first have to make a print with an original cartridge. Insert the (included) standard cartridges and print a page from your laptop, PC, or smartphone. Replace the original cartridge with your new Pixeljet cartridges.

Tip 6: remove protective material

Check if you've removed protective material, such as a protective cap or piece of tape. If this is still on, the printer won't recognize the cartridge.

Tip 7: Carefully clean the contact points

Check if the metal contacts on the cartridge are clean (usually on the back or bottom). You can also clean them carefully with a soft, dry cloth.

Tip 8: update firmware

You may have to update the firmware of your printer. You can do this by clicking on Settings, then Printer update or Product update, and then Check product update or Update. Go through the steps and let the printer update itself.

Tip 9: clean the print head

You've installed the cartridges, but your printer prints blank pages. The printhead may be clogged with old ink. You can clean the printhead via the following steps:

  1. Open the printer settings via the display of your printer.
  2. Click on Maintenance or Settings.
  3. Choose Printhead cleaning or Check nozzles. The option you have to choose differs per printer.
  4. The printer will make some noises and begin cleaning the printhead or nozzles. This process ensures that any blockages are resolved.

You can also clean the printhead yourself, but we recommend that you first contact the manufacturer of the printer. It's possible that your warranty expires if you remove the printhead from the printer. How to clean the printhead also differs per brand. Read the manual for your printer if you're going to clean the printhead yourself.

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