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What is Apple watchOS 6?

With watchOS 6, Apple released a new software update for Apple Watch in 2019. The update offers many new options and functionalities, such as an App Store and the possibility to keep track of your menstrual cycle. In this article, we'll tell you what watchOS 6 is and what it does for you.

Software update for Apple Watch

Apple watchOS 6 update

Apple has updated the software for Apple Watch with watchOS 6. The update is available for almost all Apple Watch versions, with the exception of the very first Apple Watch (1st generation). To upgrade to watchOS 6, you need an Apple iPhone 6s or newer with iOS 13 or higher.

App Store on Apple Watch

App Store on Apple Watch

With the arrival of watchOS 6 also comes the first App Store on your Apple Watch. Previously, if you wanted to download a new app, you had to use the App Store on your iPhone. With the App Store on your wrist, the Apple Watch becomes more independent from your iPhone. In addition, app developers can now develop apps that work on the Apple Watch independently. An iOS version is no longer necessary.

Noise app

Noise app

Your hearing is important and precious, so you want to take good care of it. Apple has come up with the Noise app to help you with that. This app will inform you of the noise level at concerts, festivals, and other events, for example. You'll know exactly when there is a chance of hearing damage. Does the noise level exceed 90 decibels? You'll receive a notification on your Apple Watch. Your ears will thank you.

Cycle tracking

Cycle tracking

This new app has been developed especially for women: the Cycle Tracking app. As the name suggests, it has everything to do with your menstrual cycle. Women can use this app to record important information regarding their menstrual cycle. You'll know exactly when to expect your next period and when you're the most fertile. If you want, you can keep a log to add even more information about your menstrual cycle.

And also

More new apps? The popular Dictation app that you already know from iOS is available on your Apple Watch as well. In addition, there is an Audiobooks app and a new Calculator app. This is ideal if you have to split the bill with your friends after dinner. As with every watchOS update, new dynamic watch faces are also included. You can adjust these watch faces completely to your use and wishes. Among the new watch faces are Modular Compact, Solar Dial, California, Gradient, and Numerals.

Apple Watch Series 5

Optical heart rate sensor and ECG function | Always on Retina screen | 32GB storage
no longer available
  • The Retina screen is always on. You can also view your most important functions and time at rest.
  • You'll never lose sight of your target with the integrated compass.
  • Measure your heart rate with the heart rate sensor and make heart videos with the ECG function.
  • To set up the Apple Watch, you need an Apple iPhone 6s or newer. After setup, you can also use various Apple Watch functions without your iPhone being nearby.

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