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Now available: The Oculus Quest VR Headset

With the arrival of the Oculus Quest, the time has finally come: wireless VR gaming without the hassle of awkward accessories and external hardware. Just put the glasses on wherever you want and play. The glasses are now available at Coolblue.

The Oculus Quest

1600x1440 resolution per eye | OLED screen | Suitable for people with glasses
no longer available
  • The Quest doesn't need a PC to work, so you can get going everywhere with the Quest.
  • With 4 cameras on the front, the Quest SDOF creates realistic in-game movements.
  • The controllers accurately translate movements you make with your hands into the virtual world.
  • The refresh rate is 72Hz lower than the 90Hz of the Oculus Rift.

What is the Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest glasses

With Oculus Rift, you depend on the graphic computing power of your PC, whereas the Oculus Go exchanges the graphic splendor for wireless freedom. The Oculus Quest is actually the logical continuation of the two. The Quest offers a wireless experience and better graphics. In addition, the Quest is also innovative in the field of tracking and has possibilities beyond roomscale VR.


wireless VR with Oculus Quest

The first and most important thing that stands out is that the Oculus Quest, unlike other VR glasses with similar functionalities, is completely wireless. There is no cable in sight, not even a battery that dangles somewhere while playing. This makes the VR experience a lot easier, more natural, and more accessible. You also don't need to install standards or sensors, which means that almost any room is suitable for playing. Ready for VR gaming in 5 minutes!

How does it work?

The camera sensors of the Quest

The Quest has 4 cameras; one on each corner. These cameras are the eyes of the glasses with which they follow the movements of your hands and controllers. They also scan your environment for obstacles and keep track of where you are in the room (six degrees of freedom, SDOF). SDOF is crucial for VR, because it makes your experience really interactive: bending over, jumping, (careful) rolling, it all works. This way, you can really immerse yourself in the other, virtual world.


The oculus quest controllers

The layout of the controller is the same as with the Rift, making the controllers feel familiar to connoisseurs. The ring on the top is mirrored, so the Quest cameras can easily follow the controllers. This is also the first weak point of the glasses, because if you move your hands a little too far back, the glasses will no longer know where the controllers are. But knowing Oculus, they must find a solution for this.

More than gaming


VR is the holy grail of gaming and with the Quest demo, Oculus takes a hold of the future. There was an entire space full of obstacles, which were recognized by the camera. This makes it possible to recreate a giant virtual arena or battlefield. This doesn't only have implications for gaming, but also for training, therapy and, for example, design and architecture. If you ask us, VR has only just started.

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