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How do I remove McAfee software?

Want to remove McAfee software, but don't know how? No worries. On this page, I'll tell you how to remove McAfee software from your PC or Mac step by step.

When should you delete McAfee?

  • If you want to reinstall McAfee software.
  • If you want to install antivirus software by another provider.

Select the operating system you want to remove McAfee from.

Remove McAfee from Windows 10

  • Remove McAfee from the list of programs via the settings of your computer.
  • Download the McAfee removal tool (MCPR tool) and open the file.
  • If you get a message about user account controller, click on * yes * and * next *.
  • Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • Execute the Captcha test and click Next.
  • If you get the message * CleanUP Successful *, restart the PC to remove McAfee completely.

Remove McAfee from macOS

In this part, I'll explain the steps to remove McAfee from macOS.

  • Go to Finder and click Applications.
  • Double click McAfee Internet Security Uninstaller.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter your administrator password and click OK.
  • Click Finish.
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