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Expert review of the Ticwatch E

At the moment, it's been on the market for a while now: the Ticwatch E Smartwatch. The Chinese brand Mobvoi launched the smartwatch at the start of 2018. Since I've been hearing a lot of positive things about this Android Wear smartwatch, I though it was time to test the Ticwatch E myself. Read this article to find out what I think about this smartwatch.

In short

Compatibel met iOS en Android | Meet hartslag, stappen en calorieverbranding | Met ingebouwde gps sensor
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  • Thanks to the light weight of the smartwatch, you can also wear it while working out.
  • You can use the smartwatch to make phone calls and answer messages.
  • The smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.
  • The battery drains relatively quickly with intensive use.
  • While making phone calls, the sound is hard to hear in crowded rooms.

Out of the box

TicWatch box

The box of the Ticwatch E was on my desk Monday morning and I immediately noticed its appearance. You receive the smartwatch in a metal box with a flashy print. Next to the smartwatch, you'll find a manual and a USB charging cable in the box. Note that an adapter isn't included to charge the Ticwatch via a socket. To connect the Ticwatch to your phone, you need the Ticwear app on your smartphone. Connecting the two goes quickly. When you turn on the Bluetooth connection of your phone, all you have to do is follow the simple steps of the Ticwear app on your smartphone.

Tichwatch E

Design TicWatch E


The design of the Ticwatch E is sleek and minimalistic. Personally, I like this, because I can wear the watch on different occasions and with different outfits. The casing is made of plastic and the strap is made of silicons. This ensures that the Ticwatch is very lightweight. A big advantage for when you want to wear the watch while exercising. The watch strap feels comfortable, is smooth around your wrist, and can be replaced. The watch case only has one physical button that you can use to enter and leave the menu. Furthermore, thanks to the touchscreen, you can smoothly swipe through all the options and apps in the menu. Thanks to these features, you can easily control the watch.

Operating system TicWatch E

Operating system

The Ticwatch E uses the well-known Android Wear operating system. Apart from the possibility of connecting the watch to Android smartphones, it's also possible to use the watch in combination with an iPhone. Use the Google Play Store on the watch to download apps that help you monitor your sleep, listen to your favorite music via Spotify, or set up different watch faces. In addition, it's possible to use Google Assistant. With this, you can operate the watch with voice control. This comes in handy if you want to send someone a message while cycling.


Notifications TicWatch E

Messages and calls

When you receive an SMS or Whatsapp message on your smartphone, you will also see this appear on the Ticwatch. Do you want to reply to the message? This is possible. The fastest way is by using a predefined answer. In addition, it's also possible to type a message via voice-to-text or with the keyboard. You can also make phone calls with the Ticwatch, thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone. By saying 'Oké Google. Call Dylan Coolblue.', the smartwatch automatically calls my contact. This way, you can just leave your phone in your pocket.

Measurement TicWatch E

Measuring activities

Keep track of your activities with the Tic Health app or with Google Fit. The integrated GPS and heart rate sensor make sure that the watch accurately keeps track of your heart rate, number of walked steps, calories consumed, and distance traveled. In addition, both apps show you an overview of how many minutes you have moved in a day. When you use all sensors throughout the day, your battery will drain faster than usual. Personally, I wasn't too bothered by this, since I charge the device every single night, just like my smartphone.


The watch is really an extension of your smartphone. Thanks to the integrated sensors and the light weight, it's also ideal for recording your daily activities and sports performances. The nice price-quality ratio that I had read about in advance is entirely justified. The Ticwatch has everything you would expect from a smartwatch.

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