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Brush attachments for robot vacuums

There are 2 types of brush heads for robot vacuum cleaners: side brushes and middle brushes. Not all robot vacuum cleaners have these brushes. But what are the advantages if the robot does have them? In this article I tell you what the brushes do exactly and when you need a robot vacuum cleaner that has these brushes.

Side brushes

Side brushes of a robot vacuum

The side brushes of the robot vacuum cleaner are located at the front / side of the robot and turn towards the suction mouth. When the robot vacuum cleaner runs along the skirting or cupboard, the side brushes take the dirt and take it to the suction mouth. Robot vacuum cleaners with long side brushes therefore generally clean better along the skirting or in the corners than robots without side brushes. If you find it important that the robot vacuum in the corners, then side brushes are necessary.

Middle brushes

Middle brushes of a robot vacuum

If a robot vacuum cleaner has a middle brush, it is in the nozzle. The brush rotates and ensures that dirt gets better off the ground. In addition, the brush also ensures that coarse dirt does not get stuck and blocks the nozzle, such as animal hairs. The revolving movement of the brush removes the dirt from each other. Do you have pets, then it is necessary that you choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a middle brush.


Maintenance of a robot vacuum

Since the brushes come into contact with dust and dirt every time, the brushes become dirty. In order to enjoy your robot vacuum cleaner for as long as possible, it is advisable to clean these brushes regularly and to replace them at a given moment. How to clean the brushes and when it is time to replace them, you can read in the advice article.

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